See where you stand

View not only your assets and liabilities at Desjardins, but also your personal property and all your accounts in other financial institutions. You can include your:

  • savings accounts
  • investments (GICs, mutual funds, stocks, bonds, etc.)
  • real estate (primary and secondary residences, etc.)
  • personal property (vehicles, furniture, valuables, etc.)
  • loans, credit cards and lines of credit, etc.


Security and confidentiality

Provides a confidential overview of all your assets and liabilities.

Include up to 10 accounts

You may include up to 10 investment accounts (with detailed information about each account). 10 loans, credit cards and lines of credit, and all your personal property and real estate.


Enter information easily with lists, dropdown menus and easy-to-use functionality.

Immediate update

Real-time updates of the Desjardins section.


Printable version for your files or meetings with an advisor.

Easy access

Available on AccèsD anytime and from anywhere.

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Balance sheet

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Bank reconciliation means comparing the account balance in your records with the balance in the caisse's records, and being able to explain any discrepancy.

What do you need to do bank reconciliations?

  • Internet connection
  • AccèsD service (you do not have to be signed up for the monthly statement)
  • Text editor, spreadsheet or personal finance software (Quicken 2010 or later)
    Accounting software compatible with AccèsD

How it works

If you manage your finances:


Select a statement. View the statement on-screen and print it if needed by pressing the Print button on your browser's toolbar.

With a text editor or word processing program

Select a statement. You may download the statement in text (TXT) format; then, import it into your text tool and conduct your reconciliation as usual.

With a spreadsheet (e.g., Lotus, Excel) or a database (e.g., DBase, Access)

Select a statement. Download the statement as a CSV file and then import the statement into your text tool and complete your reconciliation as usual.

With personal finance software (e.g., Quicken)

Select the Bank Reconciliation feature. The file produced will be recognized by your software, which will reconcile your transactions online.

Reconcile your Desjardins accounts or Desjardins credit card accounts

Desjardins accounts

Click on the Statements and documents icon in the right-hand menu and select Bank reconciliation under More options.

Credit card accounts

Click on your card number in the Cards, loans and credit section, More options in the right-hand menu, and then Manage this account.

Did you know?
Any difference in balances is often due to a delay from when the transaction is entered in your records and when that transaction shows up in your caisse's records, as is the case for outstanding cheques, collection of service charges and interest payments.


Accessible at all times

You may conduct your bank reconciliation at any time, since you are the one who selects the dates to do so. However, you should take care not to include transactions made the same day. Since a certain amount of computerized processing is done at night, it is preferable to wait until the next day to make sure you have included all the daily transactions. If you do not wait until the following day, certain transactions might never be transmitted to your personal finance software. Generally speaking, the best time to conduct your bank reconciliation is after your caisse's month-end close.

Day on which the month ends Night on which the caisse will close off its month
Sunday Saturday to Sunday
Monday Monday to Tuesday
Tuesday Tuesday to Wednesday
Wednesday Wednesday to Thursday
Thursday Thursday to Friday
Friday Saturday to Sunday
Saturday Saturday to Sunday

Questions about Quicken

Troubleshooting - Quicken

Any questions having to do with Intuit's Quicken software program should be addressed directly to the Intuit company, at 1-877-844-1515.

Important: Bank reconciliations using Online Banking Booster are supported by Quicken. Should you have any questions, contact Intuit at the above phone number.
Visit the Intuit website.

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See all your Desjardins assets and liabilities together in a personal balance sheet directly on AccèsD.



Get a comprehensive look at your Desjardins savings, investments, financing products (loans) and Desjardins credit cards.

Detailed view

Get more information on each of your accounts.

Detailed balance sheet

Draw up a complete personalized balance sheet by adding your personal assets, like your real estate and personal property, as well as your holdings at other financial institutions.

Learn more about balance sheets.

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