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Discover our job categories

We have a variety of categories that go beyond finance, such as insurance, marketing, human resources and IT. Grow in a field you're passionate about while contributing to our organization's success .

Job categories in high demand

Call centres

Make a real difference in the lives of our members and clients. Exemplify Desjardins's values by working at one of our call centres.

Job in demand

Member and client services

Work in a caisse or Desjardins Business centre and contribute to the financial wellness of our members at every stage of their lives.

Jobs in demand

Information technology

Develop tomorrow's technological solutions with a team of more than 6,000 colleagues who share your passion for everything IT.

Job in demand

Our other job categories

Actuarial services

Analyze and manage financial risk within the organization and advise our teams.

Examples of positions

  • Actuarial analyst
  • Financial risk and insurance and pension plan analyst
  • Insurance product pricing and development advisor


Keep our organization running smoothly by holding a key position in an area like procurement and purchasing, property management or administrative support.

Examples of positions

  • Administrative assistant
  • Operations support agent
  • Product administration or real estate management advisor

Communica­tions and marketing

Craft clear and simple communications for our members and clients and analyze their behaviour to better meet their needs.

Examples of positions

  • Communications advisor
  • UX and UI specialists
  • UX researcher
  • Translator
  • Digital marketing specialist

Finance and accounting

Help keep our organization on track to meet our objectives by specializing in budgets, financial statements, taxation, payroll or financial compliance.

Examples of positions

  • Accountant
  • Financial disclosure analyst
  • Capital markets analyst
  • Metrics and performance advisor

Human resources

Contribute to our employees' professional development by joining our multi-disciplinary HR team that oversees everything from recruiting to payroll to training.

Examples of positions

  • Talent acquisition advisor
  • Culture development and evolution advisor
  • Virtual training advisor
  • Work organization advisor


Use your empathy and listening skills to help our members and clients make informed decisions about their coverage.

Examples of positions

  • Property and casualty insurance agent
  • Claims advisor
  • Benefits technician

International and cooperative development

Work on projects that support economic and social development in developing and emerging countries.

Examples of positions

  • Field project manager
  • Operations coordinator
  • Technical advisor
  • Head of mission

Legal affairs

Protect the organization's interests and assist your colleagues by interpreting laws and regulations.

Examples of positions

  • Lawyer
  • Legal advisor
  • Compliance analyst
  • Financial crime product owner


Lead a team by motivating people and helping them grow.

Examples of positions

  • Team leader
  • Section manager
  • Director

Management support

Support your manager and help your team develop their skills.

Examples of positions

  • Team leader
  • Call centre section leader
  • Member services coordinator
  • Practice leader

Project management

Plan and implement strategies that will ensure projects run smoothly in a number of sectors.

Examples of positions

  • Project manager
  • Delivery manager
  • Business analyst
  • Project control officer
  • Scrum master

Risk management

Assess and manage credit, market and operational risk. Help with collections and credit granting.

Examples of positions

  • Operational risk analyst
  • Control, risk and compliance consultant analyst
  • Risk monitoring or disclosure advisor

Why work at Desjardins?

To be part of a people-focused organization that's committed to your well-being.

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