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Accounts and cash management

Learn about our accounts and cash management services and how they can benefit your business.


Chequing accounts

Do your day-to-day transactions with a chequing account that meets your business needs.

Learn more about our business chequing accounts.

Savings accounts

Earn interest on your business's extra cash and access it whenever you need.

Learn more about our business savings accounts.

Transaction plans

Choose a transaction plan for your Business Chequing Account and save on monthly fees.

Learn more about our transaction plans.


See a breakdown of our fees for business account transactions and services.

Learn more about our fees.

Cash management

Accounts receivable

Easily receive payments from your customers with services like direct withdrawal and Remote Deposit Capture.

Learn more about managing your accounts receivable.

Accounts payable

Improve your cash flow by using our tools to streamline your payment process.

Learn more about managing your accounts payable.

Cash orders

Need to order cash?

AccèsD Affaires and online services

Manage your business's finances quickly and easily whenever you want from your computer or mobile device.

Learn more about AccèsD Affaires and our online services.

Advice and resources

Get practical advice to help you meet your business objectives and make sound decisions.

See our advice and resources for businesses.


What are some cash management solutions?

There are many tools you can use to manage your business's cash flow, including:

  • A spreadsheet that you create yourself
  • Accounting software
  • Online account management tools, like AccèsD Affaires

These solutions let you visualize your cash inflows and outflows, which helps you better manage your liquidity.

What are ways to improve cash flow management?

The key to improving your business's cash flow is good management of your accounts receivable and accounts payable. For example, you could optimize your account collection process so you get paid faster. You could also negotiate payment terms with your suppliers to gain more flexibility.