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Receive payments

Simplify your accounts receivable process with our easy and convenient tools.


Managing your accounts receivable is an important part of running an efficient business. Optimized billing and payment collection processes can improve your customer relationships and cash flow.

Direct withdrawal

Also known as direct debit, this service lets you collect recurring payments directly from your customers' accounts using pre-authorized debits (PADs).

  • Collect from accounts at any participating Canadian financial institution, in Canadian or US dollars
  • Securely send your direct withdrawal files through AccèsD Affaires
  • Speed up your cash inflows and ensure payment on a specific date

Electronic data interchange (E  D  I) payments service

With this service you can receive EDI payments from your business partners even if you don't have an EDI system.

  • Benefit from EDI technology without having to invest in it
  • Simplify your accounts receivable by letting us receive these payments for you

Account collection

With this service you bill your customers, and we collect their payments and deposit them in your account.

  • Centralize your accounts receivable in a single account with us
  • Lower your payment processing costs

Remote Deposit Capture

If your business receives a lot of cheques, you can use this service to deposit them remotely with a scanner. Save time and money by avoiding a trip to your caisse or branch.


What is accounts receivable?

Accounts receivable is money that customers or clients owe a business for products or services the business provides.

How can my business accept credit card payments?

Accept credit card payments in store, on the road or online thanks to our partner Global Payments. Learn more about our innovative, secure and personalized payment solutions.

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