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Account collection service

Lower your costs by letting us receive and process client payments for you.


  • Centralize your accounts receivable in a single account with us.
  • You bill your clients, and we collect their payments and deposit them in your account.
  • Let your clients pay through the participating financial institution and payment method of their choice (online, ATM, phone, teller counter or mail).


For your business

  • Makes funds available the next business day after payments are processed
  • Charges fees based on transaction volume
  • Reduces processing costs
  • Generates simple reports:
    • Electronic reports available on AccèsD Affaires
    • Paper reports available at your caisse or branch, or by mail or fax

For your clients

  • Costs less than cheques
  • Offers them a variety of payment methods
  • Makes it easier for them to pay you

When you send bills to your clients, you can let them know that you offer this service and there are multiple secure ways for them to pay you.

Get this service

By phone

Montreal area:
 Phone number for business account services in Montreal. This link opens your phone app.

Or have us call you when it's convenient.