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Make payments

Streamline your accounts payable process with our simple and convenient tools. 


Accounts payable management is an important part of your business's accounting. Optimizing the way you make payments can help you pay your bills on time and improve your cash flow.

Direct deposit

Deposit your recurring payments directly into the accounts of your vendors and suppliers.

  • Deposit into accounts at any Canadian financial institution

  • Use Canadian or US dollars

  • Securely send deposit files via AccèsD Affaires
  • Enjoy competitive rates and 24/7 service

  • Lower your cheque processing costs

  • Get simple reports

  • Better control your cash outflows 

How it works

Your vendors must fill out the direct deposit enrollment form  Cet hyperlien s'ouvrira dans une nouvelle fenêtre. (PDF, 199 KB) to give you permission to deposit money directly in their account.

You can send us your direct deposit files in advance. Your payments will be made on the scheduled dates.

Direct deposit and withdrawal file creation tool

To set up direct deposit or direct withdrawal, you need to tell us what transactions you want us to process. You can use our tool to create direct deposit and withdrawal files which you can then send to us through AccèsD Affaires.

  • Online tool managed by our partner Technicost

  • Service available 24/7

  • Secure client space that protects your personal information

Personalized bill payments

Instead of using cheques, pay your Canadian service providers online with our personalized bill payments feature. It's a quick and easy way to make and keep track of payments in AccèsD Affaires.

You can also use it to pay most municipal taxes and utility and credit card bills.

Funds transfers

Use this service to securely send money anywhere in the world. It's a system used by most financial institutions around the globe and makes it easier to manage your accounts payable.

Electronic data interchange (EDI) payments

If your business is equipped with an EDI system, you can use our service to send EDI payments to your business partners even if they don't have the technology themselves. It's a way to simplify your accounts payable and send related paperwork along with your payments.

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Other ways to make payments

Other transfers

Easily transfer money between your accounts or to an individual or business, in Canada or to another country.

Learn more about money transfers.

Credit cards

Find the credit card that works best for your business.

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