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Accounts and treasury FAQ

Have questions about our business accounts and treasury services? Find the answers in our FAQ.

General questions about business accounts and treasury

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Opening a business account

My business has multiple owners (multiple signatories). Can I still apply for an account online?

Yes, you can apply for a business account online. We'll call you to request more information and assess your needs. We may also reach out individually to each account signatory or administrator.

I don't want to apply for a business account online. Can I do it over the phone or in person?

Yes. Applying online lets us prepare your file in advance, but you can also open an account over the phone by calling us at 1-888-233-2473 Phone number of business customer service for Canada and the US. This link opens your phone app..

Account services

What SWIFT code do I need to provide to get funds transferred to my Desjardins account from abroad?

The SWIFT code to provide is that of Caisse centrale Desjardins: C C D Q C A M M.

You must also indicate your caisse or branch identification number (institution and transit numbers, 8 digits in all), your folio number followed by the check digit (7 digits in all) and the name and address of the beneficiary.

We strongly suggest you fill out the form on the international transfers for business page and send it to your contact.

How can I have funds transferred from abroad to my Desjardins account?

To have funds transferred to your Desjardins account from another country, fill out the wire transfer form on the international transfers for business page.

Forward the form to the financial institution that will be initiating the transfer.

How do I transmit direct deposit or withdrawal data for the first time?

To learn more about using the direct deposit and withdrawal data transmission service for the first time, see the checklist (PDF, 35 KB) Cet hyperlien s'ouvrira dans une nouvelle fenêtre This link will open in a new window..

What is the deadline for sending direct deposit or withdrawal files?

To ensure that transactions are carried out on the scheduled date, the error-free files must be sent to the Desjardins Data Centre before noon (12 PM) at least 2 business days before the transactions are to be carried out.

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