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Pay your bills

Learn how to pay your bills in a snap.

Convenient ways to pay your bills

Pay your bills 1 the way that works for you—with your smartphone, tablet, computer or at the ATM. Have a monthly bill coming in? Set up a pre-authorized payment so you never forget to pay it.

Examples of bills to pay online or at the ATM:

  • Electricity and heating
  • Phone
  • TV or online streaming service
  • Credit card
  • Driver's licence and registration
  • Fines or tickets
  • Tuition
  • Municipal and school taxes
  • Federal and provincial income tax

Good to know

It can take up to 2 business days to process a bill payment. To avoid late fees, plan to make your payments a few days before your bill is due.


Pay your bills with our mobile app or on a computer. Keep things simple by scheduling your bill payments in advance.

To pay your bill online on AccèsD:

 Step 1

Log in to AccèsD and select Pay.

 Step 2

Add or select the bill you want to pay.

 Step 3

Select the source account, then fill out the details.

Bill payment features

Add or modify a bill on AccèsD

To add a new bill on AccèsD:

  1. Log in to AccèsD and select Pay.
  2. In the mobile app, select Add, then select the organization you want to add. On your web browser, select the tab Add a bill, then enter the name of the organization you want to add.

To modify an existing bill:

  1. Log in to AccèsD.
  2. In the mobile app, select More, then Manage bills. Select the organization, then Modify and follow the instructions. On your web browser, select Bill payments and then select the Modify or delete a bill tab. Select the organization whose information you want to modify and follow the instructions.
Set up bill payments in advance on AccèsD

You can schedule payments to be made later on. You can set up a single payment or series of payments, on the dates and at the frequency of your choice. If needed, you can easily change or cancel a scheduled payment.


  • You pay the same amount every month for your electricity bill. You schedule this payment on the 15th of every month to avoid having to do it manually. This bill will then be paid automatically from your chosen account.
  • You have to pay property taxes in 2 installments every year. When you get your tax bill, you set up the 2 payments right away to make sure you don't forget them and pay late fees.
How to set up a bill payment in advance
  1. Log in to AccèsD and select Pay.
  2. Add or select the organization you want to set up the bill payment for.
  3. Select the source account, payment amount and frequency. If you want the payment to be made indefinitely, leave the Number of times field blank.
  4. Once you've set up the bill payment, make sure the funds you need are in the account the scheduled payment is made from.
Which days are scheduled bill payments processed on?

Generally speaking, scheduled bill payments are processed on the day you specify. However, there are some exceptions:

  • Payments scheduled for Saturday and Sunday are processed and posted the following Monday.
  • Payments made on Friday are processed the following Monday, but are posted on Saturday.

Scheduled bill payments are made in the evening, except for those scheduled on the weekend, which are made in the afternoon.

Modify or cancel a scheduled bill payment

To modify or cancel a scheduled bill payment: 

  1. Log in to AccèsD and select the account the scheduled payment is made from.
  2. In the Transactions tab, select Upcoming transactions.
  3. In the mobile app, select the payment you want to modify or delete. On a web browser, select View all upcoming transactions, then select the payment to modify or delete.
  4. Follow the instructions to modify or delete the payment.

Other ways to pay your bills

You can also pay your bills in other ways, according to your needs:

Pre-authorized payment

Pre-authorized payment, or pre-authorized withdrawal, allows you to authorize an organization to automatically withdraw funds from your account, on the dates and under the conditions of your choice. Use pre-authorized payment to pay, for example:

  • Your cellphone bill
  • Daycare fees
  • Insurance
Set up a pre-authorized payment

To set up a pre-authorized payment, contact the organization you want to authorize to withdraw funds from your account. You'll need to fill in a preauthorized payment registration form with your information. The pre-authorized payment can often be set up online on the organization's site.

Modify or cancel a pre-authorized payment

To modify or cancel a pre-authorized payment, contact the organization making an automatic withdrawal from your account. Give yourself enough time for either of these changes to take effect before the next payment. Look at the organization's website to see if this can be done online.

Transfer your pre-authorized payments to us 

Changing financial institutions? To transfer your pre-authorized payments to your Desjardins account, give your new account information to the organizations making the automatic withdrawals. Many organizations will allow you to make this change online.

If applicable, consider moving your direct deposits to your new account as well.


A draft is a payment method where funds are guaranteed, because your financial institution holds them until the draft is deposited. It's useful for making large payments, such as:

  • Buying a car
  • A down payment on a home
  • A transaction that needs to be completed with the help of a notary

You get the draft in the form of a paper document. You then give it to the recipient, like you would with a cheque.

How to get a draft

To get a draft:

  1. Go to the counter at your caisse or branch and ask for a draft. The teller will verify your identity.
  2. The funds will be taken from your account, and you'll get the draft in the form of a paper document.
  3. The draft can then be cashed or deposited like you would a cheque, by mobile deposit, at the ATM or at the counter.

See our Service fees page for the cost of a draft.

What's the difference between a bank draft and a certified cheque?

Although these 2 payment methods are very similar, here's how they differ.

With a bank draft:

  • The funds are immediately withdrawn from your account and held by the financial institution until the draft is cashed.
  • The draft can be issued in Canadian dollars or other currencies by any caisse or branch. Use the currency converter for your calculations.
  • You can't request a stop payment for a draft in Canadian dollars.

With a certified cheque:

  • The funds are immediately withdrawn form your account and placed in a transitional account until the cheque is cashed.
  • The cheque can be certified by the person receiving or making the payment.
  • Certified cheques cost more than drafts.

Generally, the payment method will be specified by the recipient.

See our Service fees page for the cost of drafts and certified cheques.


Where on AccèsD can I see the payments made from an account?

To see the payments you've made from an account, select the account and look at its transaction history. Bill payments are listed there.

You can also download your account statement to see bill payments made during that period. See our Documents and statements page to learn more.

How do I pay a bill with my credit card?

Only some bills can be paid by credit card.

To do this, you have to set up pre-authorized payments so they're automatically charged to your credit card. Contact the organization to give them your credit card information.

Once you've set up the pre-authorized payment by credit card, make sure to pay the full balance by the due date every month to avoid paying interest.

Transaction fees apply if you exceed the number of transactions included in your monthly plan or if you don't have a plan. For more information, see the Service fees page.