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Accounts and services FAQ

Have questions about our accounts and services? Find the answers in our FAQ.

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General questions about accounts and services

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Can I open an account for someone else?

Yes, you can open an account for someone else in certain cases, such as if you're their legal representative (like a liquidator or tutor). Make an appointment at a caisse or branch to discuss your situation and open the account (if eligible).

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At what age can I open an account for my child?

You can open an account for your child as soon as they're born. We offer different types of accounts depending on age. Make an appointment with an advisor to discuss your situation and open the account at your caisse or branch (if applicable).

You can also open a School Caisse account if your child is between ages 5 and 11. Check out the School Caisse This link redirects to another Desjardins site. site to learn more.

How do I prepare to transfer my account to Desjardins?
  1. Open an everyday account.
  2. Change your direct deposit information so that you can continue to receive your salary or government benefits.
  3. Change your preauthorized withdrawal information so that your bills continue to be paid on time.
  4. Check your statements to make sure all your pre-authorized transactions have been transferred to your new account, then close your old account.

Services and transactions

How long does it take transactions to show up on my account?

Transactions aren't necessarily dated the day they're carried out, regardless of whether you made them on AccèsD, at an ATM, store, caisse or branch.

  • Transactions made from Monday to Thursday before 9:30 PM are dated the same day.
  • Transactions made from Monday to Thursday after 9:30 PM are dated the next day.
  • Transactions made between Thursday after 9:30 PM and Saturday before 6:30 PM are dated Friday.
  • Transactions made between Saturday after 6:30 PM and Sunday before midnight are dated Monday.

For example, a transaction made at a Desjardins ATM on Monday at 10:45 PM will be dated Tuesday.

How do I make a stop payment on AccèsD?

To make a stop payment on AccèsD:

  1. Log in to AccèsD.
  2. In the mobile app, select More in the lower right corner, then Cancel a transaction. If you log in using a web browser, select More options in the right-hand menu, then Cancel a transaction.
  3. Choose the type of transaction you want to cancel and follow the instructions.
How do e-signatures work at Desjardins?

To sign your document electronically:

  1. First, decide with your advisor what type of verification you're going to use. You might choose to receive a text message or answer security questions to verify your identity.
  2. When it's time to sign your document, you'll receive an email with a link to the app to verify your identity.
  3. Read and accept the e-signature consent request and sign your documents by following the instructions. If several people are signing 1 document, each person receives an email with the same steps.
  4. Once signed, you'll get a confirmation email with a link to the document for reference.
  5. You can then download and save the documents in your personal files.

Talk to your advisor if you have questions or concerns about e-signatures.

Credit score

Why should I check my report with 2 credit bureaus?

Checking your credit report with Canada's 2 credit bureaus (Equifax and TransUnion) gives you a general overview of your information, since it can vary from one bureau to another.

What can affect my credit score?

Several factors can affect your credit score calculation, such as:

  • How long ago your file and accounts were opened
  • Available credit usage rate
  • Your total debt burden
  • Number and duration of late payments
  • Bankruptcies and consumer proposals

Read the article What is a credit report used for? to learn more about best credit practices.

What can I use the TransUnion credit score simulator for?

TransUnion's credit score simulator lets you see how a change to your borrowing file can affect your credit rating. Use it on AccèsD to plan your projects and make financial decisions tailored to your needs. The simulator is for information purposes only. The simulated score may be different from the one you actually get from a credit bureau. Using the simulator has no effect on your score.

Why do I have to consent to sharing my information before I can check my credit report on AccèsD?

We need your authorization before we can share your personal information with TransUnion and Equifax. We use this information to link your credit report with your AccèsD account.

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