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Renewing your mortgage

Choose among our customized options and renew your mortgage quickly and easily.

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What does it mean to renew your mortgage?

With a mortgage renewal, you continue to pay down your balance, but under a new contract with new agreed-upon conditions.

The conditions for your next mortgage term include:

Keep in mind that these new conditions must respect the maximum amortization stated in your loan agreement, that is, the number of years you have to completely pay off your mortgage. You may, however, set up terms allowing you to pay off your mortgage faster.

When should you renew your mortgage?

You can renew your mortgage at any time, but with a closed mortgage, you can avoid paying prepayment charges if you wait until the renewal period. With an open mortgage, you can generally renew without prepayment charges at any time.

The renewal period spans the last 4 months of your term. We'll let you know when this period is coming up and guide you through it.

Benefits to renewing your mortgage online

Straight­forward process

Follow the steps to choose the conditions of your upcoming term and renew your mortgage in minutes.

Excel­lent offers

Choose among offers tailored specifically to you, with the lowest possible rates based on your file.

Help at your finger­tips

We're here to guide you every step of the way. Chat with us, call us or use our integrated tools to make your choice easy.

Preparing to renew your mortgage

Start preparing for your mortgage renewal 6 months before the end of your term.

1. Assess your current situation

Review your income and expenses. Account for any changes that have happened since the beginning of the term. Make a detailed list of your income and expenses using our online budget tool.

This gives you a better idea of how much mortgage payment you can currently afford. It also helps you choose the conditions best suited to you when the next term rolls around.

2. Think about your medium-term plans and goals

List your upcoming goals, like a renovation, a move or retirement. Include all your plans, including your financing needs and goals for the next few years.

Examples include improving your financial management, reducing your debt or increasing your savings.

3. Talk to your advisor

Your mortgage advisor is there to guide you to renewal options tailored to your situation.

Let them know your thoughts so they can better identify your specific needs. They can also help you plan for your projects and goals while making sure your finances stay in check.

Special mortgage rates

39-month closed fixed-rate mortgage

5.29% 1

This rate stays the same for 39 months.

5-year closed fixed-rate mortgage

5.59% 2

This rate stays the same for 5 years.

5-year closed reduced variable rate mortgage

6.95% 2

This rate varies with the prime rate 3 , but maintains a rate spread guaranteed for 5 years.


What does it mean to renew your mortgage early?

We'll inform you when you're entering your renewal period toward the end of your mortgage term. You renew your mortgage early when you renew before this period.

If you have a closed mortgage, renewing early often incurs prepayment charges, but is sometimes still worth it. For example, it may let you quickly change your mortgage conditions based on your needs or mortgage market trends. Talk it over with your mortgage advisor to see if renewing your mortgage early makes sense for you.

I have an annually adjustable rate. Does this mean I have to renew my mortgage every year?

No, you don't need to renew your mortgage every year if you have an annually adjustable rate. This type of mortgage is renewable at the end of your 5-year-term. Only your interest rate is adjusted annually. Your payments are the same for 12 months, then recalculated at the anniversary of your mortgage.

Can I fully pay off my mortgage balance when I renew?

Yes, the renewal period is a good time to pay off your balance without any prepayment charges. However, take the time to discuss it with your mortgage advisor to make sure it's the right choice for you.

Renew your mortgage

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This promotion is available for a limited time to individuals taking out a closed 39-month fixed-rate mortgage with a maximum 25-year amortization to purchase a residence or an owner-occupied building with up to 4 units. Valid for mortgage transactions and renewals in Quebec and Ontario. For new mortgages, the rate will be guaranteed until July 31, 2024, which is the deadline to make the disbursement. The rate cannot be customized. The promotion may be combined with cash back offers, subject to the applicable conditions being met. The rate is subject to change without notice. Other conditions or exclusions may apply. This offer may end at any time without notice and is subject to credit approval. Please contact your Desjardins advisor. You must meet the eligibility criteria to receive the promotion. The Desjardins prime rate was previously called the Caisse centrale Desjardins prime rate.