Planning for a better retirement

Planning for a better retirement

Depending on your situation and retirement goals, it’s never too late to plan for a better retirement.

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Are you worried that you don’t have enough saved up for retirement? Or that your retirement won’t be anything like what you see in ads? It’s never too late to start planning for a better retirement!

The benefits of working with a Desjardins advisor

Your advisor will help you calculate how much you need to save for retirement in 3 easy steps.

  1. Review your finances
    Creating a budget will give you an overview of your financial commitments and help you find expenses you can adjust to save more for retirement.
  2. Determine your retirement goals
    What’s your target retirement age? How much do you expect to spend in retirement? What will your sources of income be? Your advisor will use this information to develop a clear plan.
  3. Develop a personalized plan
    Your advisor will develop a personalized plan and find a strategy to help you reach your retirement goals.
  • 64 Median retirement age in 2017 according to Statistics Canada
  • 84 and 80 Average life expectancy of men and women in Canada in 2017 according to Statistics Canada
  • 10% Percentage of your net income you should save for retirement

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