Everyday Transaction Account

Practical for all your regular transactions

  • Account type: everyday account
  • Interest rate: no interest payable on primary everyday account
  • Fees: none if minimum monthly balance for selected plan is maintained, otherwise, standard transaction fees apply


To find the best account and plan for you, use the Select a plan feature on AccèsD Internet and mobile, which recommends the most economical plan based on your transaction history. You can also use the function to select a different plan or change your current plan on your own.


Deposits, withdrawals, cheques, transfers, bill payments and debit card purchases.

Access to your account

You can use your Desjardins Access Card (debit card) to make all your regular transactions at Desjardins caisses, ATMs and, at any time, on AccèsD Internet, mobile services and AccèsD Telephone.

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Transaction plans

You can choose one of our transaction plans and, if you maintain the appropriate minimum monthly balance in your account, your plan won't cost you anything.

Learn more about available plans.

Account statement

Get your monthly statements of account online or by mail (fees may apply).

Learn more about account statements.

Deposit insurance

Learn more about deposit insurance

Overdraft transfer

You can add overdraft transfer to your account (Canadian currency only) to cover transactions that exceed the balance available in your account using an automatic cash advance from your Desjardins credit card.

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