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Regular savings account

Set money aside for short-term goals with our convenient regular savings account.

Eligible plans


Interest rates 1

Registered accounts: 1.70%
Non-registered accounts: 0.05%


Apply to regular transactions 2

Your regular savings account at a glance

You need to have Desjardins everyday account before you can open a registered or non-registered savings account.

  • With a non-registered account, earn interest and make unlimited deposits and withdrawals.
  • With a registered account, earn interest and set money aside tax-free. There's a variety of registered plans to choose from depending on what your goals are, including a LIRA, RRIF, LIF, RDSP, RRSP, or FTA. Note that you must open a registered plan before opening a regular savings account.


Opening a regular savings account online

If you have an everyday account with us, you can open a regular savings account by logging in to AccèsD in your web browser. This option isn’t available in the app.

 Step 1

Open your web browser

Log in to AccèsD, and select the Products and services tab. Select Accounts, then Regular Savings Account.

 Step 2

Make your selection

Select the specific product and folio. To transfer the amount to your new regular savings account, select Yes, then select the account you want to transfer from and enter the amount. Otherwise, select No.

 Step 3

Verify and confirm

In the drop-down menu, select how you intend to use your account, then select OK. You’ll now be able to manage your account and make transactions.

Rate subject to change without notice. Automatic transfers from an everyday account in the same folio are free. The payment of a member dividend is subject to certain conditions, such as the caisse's financial capacity and the vote by members on the distribution of surplus earnings. Coverage in case of a cancer diagnosis does not apply.