Locked-in retirement account (LIRA)

Your share of your former employer's pension fund is yours

  • No further contributions can be made
  • Withdrawals before retirement are permitted only under exceptional circumstances
  • Capital is placed in a tax-sheltered investment
  • Funds are transferred from your former employer's retirement plan
  • At death, a LIRA balance is transferred to your surviving spouse or, in certain conditions, to your estate
  • Funds in LIRAs cannot be seized
  • You can convert all or part of your LIRA to an annuity or a LIF at any time up to the last day of the year you turn 71

Ideal for building up the minimum deposit you need to buy an investment

  • Zero risk
  • A variety of features and terms
  • Invest in stock markets with a safety net
  • Income and capital security
  • Recognized fund managers
  • Easy access to all markets
  • Portfolio diversification


  • With or without the help of an investment advisor
  • Stocks, bonds, exchange-traded funds and more

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