Life income fund (LIF)

Ensuring income in retirement

  • Annual retirement income
  • Periodic withdrawals as needed (subject to legal minimum and maximum amounts)
  • Lump-sum withdrawals (subject to annual maximum)
  • LIFs are the extension of LIRAs or locked-in RSPs.
  • Income from LIFs is eligible for both federal and provincial pension income tax credits, subject to certain conditions.
  • There is no minimum age for converting your LIRA or locked-in RSP to a LIF.
  • Funds in LIFs cannot be seized1.
  • A portion of the funds in federal and Ontario LIFs can be unlocked, subject to legal conditions and limits.
  • As of July 1, 2024, for LIFs in Quebec, you will be able to partially or fully withdraw the balance of your LIF if you are 55 or older.
  • You can transfer all or a portion of your LIRA or locked-in RSP to a LIF no later than December 31 of the year you turn 71.
  • Investments grow tax-sheltered until you withdraw them.
  • At death, a LIF balance is transferred to your surviving spouse or, in certain conditions, to your estate.
  • LIFs can be converted to annuities in whole or in part at any time.
  • Funds you receive from a LIF are part of your annual income.

1. Under certain conditions.

  • Conventional LIF
  • A combination of products: interest is guaranteed and withdrawals are simple
  • Hassle-free
  • Capital 100% guaranteed
  • Zero risk
  • A variety of features and terms
  • Invest in stock markets with a safety net
  • Income and capital security
  • Protection against downturns
  • Guaranteed investment funds from Desjardins Financial Security
  • Access to all markets
  • Portfolio diversification
  • A turnkey solution
  • Regular rebalancing to match your risk tolerance
  • To optimize net after-tax return
  • Initial investment of $100,000
  • Socially responsible investing
  • 4 portfolios that combine ethical and financial benefits
  • Since 1956
  • 6 groups of funds, including specialty funds
  • In step with your values
  • Socially responsible funds, managed by Canada's leader in socially responsible investing


  • With or without the help of an investment advisor
  • Stocks, bonds, exchange-traded funds and more

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2. The Helios2 Contract is offered by a financial security advisor from Desjardins Financial Security (DFS) and will not appear on your integrated caisse statement. Guaranteed Investment Funds are managed by Desjardins Financial Security Life Assurance Company.

3. Desjardins Funds are offered by Desjardins Financial Services Firm Inc., a Desjardins Group company.