Regular Savings Account

Ideal for accumulating savings

  • Account type: savings account with no cheque-writing privileges
  • Interest rate: 0.05% to 1.70% (depending on product)
  • Fees: standard transaction fees apply (except for automatic transfers from a chequing account in the same folio)


Ideal for short-term savings.

You must have a Desjardins everyday account to open a Regular Savings Account.


Deposits, withdrawals and transfers.


Interest paid monthly.

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Monthly fees

Service charges apply, except for automatic transfers from an everyday account in the same folio.

Account statement

Monthly statement of account included in the everyday account statement you receive by mail or online.

Find out more about account statements.

Deposit protection

Find out more about deposit insurance.

Eligible for these plans

  • Registered plans: RRSP, FTA, LIRA, locked-in RRSP, RRIF, LIF and RDSP.
  • Non-registered plans.


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