Membership and new account application

  • I am applying to become a member of the Caisse to which my application will be forwarded and undertake to comply with Caisse by-laws and to take out and pay a $5 qualifying share when my application is accepted. I authorize the Caisse to debit the amount of my share from my Personal Chequing Account (PCA).
  • I understand and agree that opening my account (folio) is conditional to the confirmation of my identity following a credit check on me and membership approval by the Caisse Board of Directors or the person delegated by the board to do so.
  • I have read the terms and conditions governing folio administration and agree to be bound by them. View the Terms and conditions governing folio administration.
  • I have taken note of the service fees and agree to be bound by them. See the service fees (PDF, 2.8 MB) - This link will open in a new Kwindow..

Consent and personal information

I consent to the collection by the Caisse from any financial institution, personal information agent or employer, of any information, job references and credit file information it may deem necessary to (a) confirm my identity (b) administer the operational aspects of accounts linked to my folios for the duration of our business relationship, such as the authorized transit and funds holds at the automated teller machine, and (c) reassess any financial commitment I have or may have with the Caisse in the future. I consent to the transfer of such information to the Caisse by the person contacted even if it appears in a closed or inactive file. I also agree to authorize the Caisse to release to any personal information agent information about financial commitments I have or may have with the Caisse in the future so they can update their files on me. I agree that these consents will remain in effect, even if I am no longer a Caisse member, until all my financial commitments with the Caisse have been repaid. I understand that I can request to be removed from Caisse lists by submitting a request in writing. Moreover, I understand that in compliance with applicable regulations and for the purposes permitted, the Caisse may share my personal information with other Desjardins Group components or third parties. With regards to other Desjardins components, this means that the information shared could be used for the purposes of risk management, fraud prevention, detection and investigation, or the fight against money laundering and financing of terrorist activities.

Desjardins Access Card, AccèsD and electronic account statements

I ask the Caisse to:

  • Issue, in my name, a Desjardins Access Card with a PIN envelope, which will allow me to carry out electronic transactions with my Caisse. To this end, I will have to use this card or my access code jointly with my PIN or password. I have read the terms and conditions governing the use of the Desjardins Access Card, including AccèsD, and agree to be bound by them. See the Desjardins Access Card Terms of Use.
  • Register me for the AccèsD service.
  • Send my account statements electronically.

Savings-Life Insurance

I acknowledge that accounts linked to this folio are not covered by Savings-Life Insurance.

Declaration of tax residence

Canadian Financial Institutions are required under Parts XVIII and XIX of Canada's Income Tax Act to collect tax residency information from account holders to determine if any of their financial accounts must be reported to the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). The CRA may share this information with the government of a foreign country where the account holder is a resident for tax purposes or if the account holder is a U.S. citizen.

In general, an individual will be a tax resident of a country if, according to the laws of that country, they pay or should be paying taxes there because of their domicile, residence, or other similar criteria.

A taxpayer identification number (TIN) is a unique identifier made of letters or numbers that a country assigns to an individual. The country uses the TIN in administering its tax laws to identify the individual. Enter the TIN in its official format. If you do not have a TIN and you are a resident of a foreign country for tax purposes or you are a U.S. citizen, you have 90 days to apply for one. Once you have received your TIN, you have 15 days to provide it to your Caisse.

Important notice: regardless of the country in which you are a resident for tax purposes, you have to notify the Caisse of any change to the "Declaration of tax residence" section within 30 days.

Terms and conditions governing folio administration

Act Respecting the Protection of Personal Information in the Private Sector

The Caisse collects and uses information on a member in order to let him/her take advantage of the savings and credit financial services and of the complementary services offered by the Caisse, including improvements to its products and services and the possibility of offering new ones that better meet his/her needs. This information can be accessed by the Caisse's authorized personnel or agents solely when warranted in the discharge of its duties. Personal information is kept in the member's file on Caisse or agent premises. A member is entitled, under certain conditions, to consult the personal information held by the Caisse concerning him/her and have it rectified when he/she demonstrates that it is inaccurate, incomplete, equivocal or obsolete. Moreover, if the Caisse obtains a report from a personal information agent, the member is entitled to access and rectify the file held by such agent by making a request in writing. The Caisse may hire service providers located outside Canada for specific tasks in the normal course of its business. Some personal information may therefore be transferred to another country to be shared by local authorities in accordance with applicable laws. Desjardins implements measures to protect personal information in its care at all times, including information shared with suppliers whether in or outside Canada.


The member authorizes the Caisse to send him/her, by regular mail or otherwise, any items paid or electronic representations thereof, documents concerning the folio or uncleared items associated with his/her transactions with it. As authorized under the Bills of Exchange Act, the member waives any request for payment, notice of dishonour or protest relative to any instrument that he/she might negotiate through the Caisse.

Cheques drawn on the caisse

The member recognizes that the cheques and other items drawn on the Caisse and deposited to his/her account are processed by Desjardins Group Clearing Centre. The member consequently grants the Caisse the right to debit his/her account within 5 days of the credit corresponding to the amount of the cheque or items drawn on the Caisse, and which would have been returned unpaid for any reason whatsoever. However, in the case of a postdated cheque, the Caisse has until the cheque expiry date to debit the company's account.

Account statements

The member undertakes to promptly check all entries on his/her statement of account and to notify the Caisse of any error, omission or incorrect entry within 30 days of account statement receipt, or, in the case of an electronic statement of account, within 30 days of the date of its availability on AccèsD, that is the day following the end of the statement billing cycle. In the event that the member cannot abide by the preceding, he/she releases the Caisse from any liability and waives all rights relating to the statement of account entries and cheques, items and other documents which would then be deemed accurate and in order.

Service charges and interest rates

The member acknowledges to having been informed of the effective service charges and interest rates as posted at the Caisse, which can be modified from time to time by the Caisse's Board of Directors, and agrees to be bound by them. The member undertakes to pay such service charges and authorizes the Caisse to debit the accounts under his/her folio accordingly.

Account overdrafts and rate of interest on overdrafts

The member acknowledges that the Caisse may debit the amount of any cheque drawn on it, pre-authorized debit, payment order or debt owed from any account linked to his/her folio. The member recognizes that each time there are insufficient funds in his/her account to to make these payments, he/she is asking the Caisse to advance the funds to cover them. The Caisse has no obligation to do so. The member must repay any overdraft on demand. All overdrafts are subject to the fee in effect at the caisse, including the applicable annual interest rate. The annual interest rate is currently 21%.

Authorized transit

The member authorizes the Caisse to determine for him/her an authorized transit, i.e., an amount up to which the Caisse agrees not to withhold funds on all items he/she negotiates on a daily basis. This authorized transit is automatically adjusted following every deposit, with or without any item withdrawal at the counter, at the automated teller machine or on a mobile device.

Funds freeze at the automated teller machine

The member acknowledges that the Caisse may decide alone and at any time if a 2-day automatic funds withholding will be applied to deposits made at the automated teller machine, regardless of the authorized transit.

Funds transfers

The member agrees to the following terms and conditions regarding automatic funds transfers requested from the Caisse:

  1. Each transfer is authorized as if it had been signed by him/her each time
  2. The caisse assumes no responsibility if transfers are inadvertently not made
  3. Unlimited funds transfers remain in effect until they are cancelled

Power of attorney to a third party

The member who appoints a power of attorney gives him/her the power to act, with respect to all current or future savings accounts under that folio, including term deposits opened in his/her name and qualifying shares, subject to the rules governing the repayment of such shares, in order to withdraw, by way of orders of payment, receipts or otherwise, in whole or in part, the sums that are or will be deposited in these accounts. He/She confirms any payment which will be made by the Caisse to the power of attorney in exchange for his/her receipt. He/She especially authorizes the power of attorney to:

  1. Endorse all the cheques or orders of payment made payable to him/her and to deposit these or to receive payment thereof
  2. Deposit any interest coupon payment
  3. Request the Caisse not to execute any order of payment which he/she or the power of attorney has already signed
  4. Receive from the Caisse any items paid or electronic representations thereof or other documents related to the accounts in the folio
  5. Close the joint folio

The member acknowledges that the power of attorney shall remain in effect until the Caisse receives written notification of its cancellation.

Overdraft protection

When the member signs up for the overdraft transfer available on his/her Visa Desjardins credit card, he/she agrees, if the account protected is a joint account or a power of attorney account, that the co-account holder or power of attorney can trigger an overdraft transfer on his/her Visa Desjardins credit card with any transaction on the account protected that results in overdraft protection.

Deposit protection

The Federation and Desjardins caisses in Quebec are deposit institutions authorized by the Autorité des marchés financiers, which means your deposits are protected. For more information, please visit the Autorité's website: Deposit protection - External link. This link will open in a new window.

Foreign currency

The member agrees that accounts in foreign currencies liked to his/her folio are subject to certain service restrictions and are not covered by the Régie de l'assurance-dépôts du Québec guarantee. If present, the statement regarding Quebec deposit insurance in passbooks is deemed unwritten and replaced by the following: "The funds of which receipt is evidenced by this document do not constitute a guaranteed deposit within the meaning of the Deposit Insurance Act.”