Preparing to live in Canada

Preparing to live in Canada

You can count on us to help you settle into your new life in Canada. We offer support, services and a welcome offer suited to your specific needs.

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Already in Canada?

Once you've arrived, make an appointment with our team to benefit from our support and the services we offer.

Montreal area: 514-875-4266, options 9, 1

Elsewhere in Canada: 1-877-875-1118, options 9, 1

Much more than a financial partner

Is your move to Canada permanent or temporary? Naturally, a move like this comes with many challenges and questions. That said, you can count on us to support you every step of the way.

Handy resources

"Settling down, studying and working in Canada"

Leaf through this helpful guide where you’ll find tools and useful resources for planning your move and settling into your new life.

Read the guide (PDF, 3.85 MB)

Mon projet au Canada avec Desjardins Facebook page

Browse this informative social media page where you can explore topics and sign up for webinars related to immigration.

See the Facebook page (in French only)

Watch inspiring testimonials from newcomers to Canada and learn how Desjardins was there for them at different steps in the process.

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Getting your finances ready for your move to Canada

  1. Before you leave
  2. When you arrive

Before you leave

  1. Opening an account in Canada

    You can open an account online from abroad, both to save precious time when you arrive and get a head start on settling in.

    Select the offer that's right for you

    Our financial products are designed to meet your needs, whether you plan to move to Canada or study here.

  2. Transfer funds into your Desjardins account

    You can transfer funds into your new account to get access to your money as soon as you arrive in Canada. Note that you can make only 1 international money transfer from abroad. Ask your financial institution in your home country about how to transfer funds.

    What to have on hand:


    • Sending funds and exchange rates: to be confirmed with your financial institution
    • Receiving funds:

      Transfers under CAN$50: free

      Transfers over CAN$50: CAN$15

When you arrive

  1. Finalize opening your account

    Go to your appointment to finish setting up your account. Bring 2 pieces of ID with you to confirm your identity and pick up your debit card. Use this meeting time to discuss your needs, projects and any concerns you may have.

  2. Think about your future needs

    Things can be vastly different from country to country. Here are a few helpful tips to make the transition even smoother.


    Buying a home is a big decision. Before taking the plunge, take the time to carefully analyze your situation and consider the pros and cons of buying or renting.

    Read the article Why talk to an advisor when buying a home

    Read the article Housing: The advantages of buying or renting property in Canada


    Choose from a variety of insurance solutions to prepare for the unexpected.

    Learn more about Visitors to Canada Insurance

    Read the article Buying a home? Protect yourself with the right insurance coverage!

  3. Take advantage of our support

    We're thrilled to share tips that'll help you with every step of your move to Canada. We're here to understand your goals, assess your financial situation and make personalized recommendations. We can help you navigate a number of topics, including credit and debit cards, personal loans, savings and investment products, insurance and more.

Learn more about the Canadian financial system

Open an account from abroad

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  1. Account openings and money transfers from certain countries may be subject to strict regulations under Canadian and international economic sanctions.
  2. Applicable fees are calculated on the transferred amount received, or, as the case may be, on the amount of Canadian currency resulting from the conversion of foreign currency. The conversion rate corresponds to market rates in effect at the time funds are received. Some correspondent banks may impose fees or additional charges, which will be deducted from the amount transferred.