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Get an education

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Canada offers a wide variety of educational institutions and a broad range of study programs. Have you chosen the program that's of interest to you?

What you need to know about education

  • Children in Quebec generally attend primary school (ages 6 to 12), secondary school (ages 12 to 17) and move on to post-secondary studies (age 17 onwards). Post-secondary studies include vocational training, collegial studies and university. The Ontario educational system is slightly different from the Quebec system.
  • Loans and bursaries are available. There are also bursaries specifically for foreign student. Find out more about the Loans and Bursaries Program on the website of Aide financière aux études.
  • Desjardins Foundation offers thousands of dollars in scholarships and bursaries each year. You may be eligible for one. Find out more about Desjardins Foundation scholarships.
  • If you plan to study in Canada for over 6 months, you'll need a study permit. Find out more about study permits.
  • You can work on the campus of your educational institution without a work permit. But to work outside the campus you'll need one.

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What Desjardins can do for you

Finances can prove to be somewhat complex when you're a student. Why not trust Desjardins for help?

A Desjardins advisor can offer you products tailored to your circumstances. All loans are subject to credit approval.

Products and services designed with you in mind and adapted to your needs.

Loans, lines of credit and a credit card especially designed for students.

2 accounts specially designed for postsecondary students so they can benefit from reduced service charges.

Since it was founded, Desjardins Foundation has awarded over $10 million in scholarships and bursaries.

See the Students section to learn about all Desjardins products and services and get valuable advice.

Loan program for foreign-trained workers

Are you an immigrant? Did you pursue professional training outside Canada and require accreditation, an upgrading course or additional training to get a job in your field in Quebec? Desjardins and Association communautaire d'emprunt de Montréal (ACEM) will support you through a loan program designed exclusively for you.

Learn more about the loan program for foreign-trained workers.

Will your credentials be recognized?

Credentials obtained in Canadian educational institutions are recognized throughout the world.

Learn more about the list of accredited educational institutions for International Credentials

Looking for an internship?

Desjardins is constantly seeking professional and motivated professional who share its cooperative values.

Learn more about Jobs or internships with Desjardins