Pay your bills

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Pay your regular bills such as your phone, electricity, gas, cable, municipal and school tax, credit card, or your Accord D Desjardins financing plan.


Scheduled transactions

Set up your payments in advance and easily make changes.

Learn more about scheduled transactions.

Payment history

Access to your payment history for the last 2 months (12 months if you are registered for the online statement of account)

Learn more about your bill payment history.

Eligible organizations

  • Option of registering several hundred organizations in your bill file.
  • Over 6,700 eligible organizations. See the list of eligible organizations.
  • New organizations added regularly.

Simple and fast

Makes it easier to pay your bills on AccèsD Internet, AccèsD telephone and at the ATM


Substantial savings on service charges at the ATM when you pay bills registered in your bill file.


Click Bill payments in the right-hand menu.

How it works

Simply register the organization to be paid in your bill file, either by contacting an AccèsD Services advisor or adding it yourself when you are logged in to AccèsD Internet. In both cases, have your bill on hand, because you'll need some information from it. You'll then be able to pay your bills using AccèsD online, by phone, on your mobile device or at the ATM without using the detachable part of your bill.

Did you know?
The AccèsD Assistant was designed to help you use certain features, including bill payments. Try it!

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Pay a bill

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Set up transactions in advance to take place just once or on a recurring basis, at the frequency and on the dates you choose.


Viewing and changing transactions

You can view or change scheduled transactions at any time.

Pending transactions

Click Search transactions in the right-hand menu, and then Scheduled to view your scheduled transactions and most of the preauthorized transactions made by your caisse (except for direct deposits and withdrawals).

Scheduled transactions are also available under the Calendar icon in the right-hand menu.

Processing of scheduled transactions

  • Upcoming transfers are processed in the evening.
  • Bill payments are generally processed in the evening, except for Fridays and Saturdays when they are processed in the afternoon.
  • In general, these transactions are completed on the day you choose. However, some conditions apply. The following table lists the processing schedule for transactions:
Transaction processing
Day on which transaction is scheduled to be carried out Day on which AccèsD processes transaction Day on which transaction is entered in your account
Sunday Monday Monday
Monday Monday Monday
Tuesday Tuesday Tuesday
Wednesday Wednesday Wednesday
Thursday Thursday Thursday
Friday Saturday Friday
Saturday Monday Monday

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Click Transfers in the right-hand menu to schedule a transfer or Bill payments to schedule a payment.

Schedule a transaction

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Preauthorize payment of your regular bills: telephone, electricity, cable, insurance and others. Money is automatically withdrawn from your account, on the date and according to the terms you choose (fixed amount or total balance).



  • Ensures your bills are paid on time, so no late fees and penalties
  • Eliminates the need for trips to your financial institutions and waiting lines


  • Represents a simple and confidential method of payment
  • Makes it easy to manage personal budgets


  • Eliminates the need for writing cheques
  • Cuts down on postal fees

Register for direct withdrawal today

Contact the suppliers whose bills you wish to pay by direct withdrawal to authorize them to debit your account.

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View the full details of bill payments made from your account.


Bill payment details

  • View your bills payments made online, by phone and by direct withdrawal.
  • Included, for each payment:
    • Source account for the payment
    • Name and description of the bill
    • Bill reference number
    • Payment date
    • Amount of payment
    • Transaction confirmation number
    • Payment method

Data from last 12 months

Bill payment history is generated from data collected in the last 12 months for accounts registered for online monthly account statements (data begins accumulating from the date you sign up for online monthly account statements). For accounts not registered for online statements, bill payment history only contains data from the last 62 days.

Sort bills

You can sort bill payments by:

  • Source account
  • Type of payment
  • Amount
  • Date
  • Name of organization

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Click Search transactions in the right-hand menu and then Bill payments.

See bill payment history

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If you're moving and your regular bills (phone, electricity, cable, Internet, etc.) are already in your AccèsD bill file, you'll need to change the bill reference numbers before making payments for your new address. This way, you'll avoid any errors or late payments. Be sure to have your bills on hand when you log in to AccèsD.

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Click Bill payments in the right-hand menu and then the Modify or delete a bill tab.

Modify your bill file

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