Digital services

Digital services

We guide our clients and partners through their digital transformation.

For every digital finance initiative, we take a participatory, client-centric and agile approach with our clients and partners to develop digital solutions tailored to their needs.

Our vision


Our services

  • Process analysis: Needs assessment, problem identification, proposal of solutions tailored to the organization's needs, budget and culture
  • IT diagnostic: Proposal of a methodology based on best practices in the international standards sector
  • Digital strategy: Definition and implementation of a digital strategy that is aligned with the business plan, meets market requirements and delivers competitive advantage
  • Capacity building: Training and coaching
  • Change management: Support for implementing new technologies in client environments
  • Innovation, experimentation, partnerships: Design and prototyping of new solutions through partnerships with Desjardins Group's innovation lab (the Desjardins Lab) and national and local IT companies (fintechs, startups, IT providers)

Some of our accomplishments in digital transformation


We partnered with a Colombian fintech company to develop DECISION, a web and mobile platform for processing farm loan applications.


  • We guided the selection and implementation of telecommunications technologies at 30 agencies of the FECECAM-BENIN network of agricultural savings and credit mutuals.
  • We assisted with IT infrastructure analysis, developed an infrastructure upgrade plan and helped monitor action plan activities.