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Helping young adults in developing countries take their place

We provide youth with the resources they need to get better jobs, gain access to digital tools and further their entrepreneurial projects.

Unlock the economic potential of youth

From Colombia to Zambia to Sri Lanka, we promote the economic inclusion of young people and help them fulfil their dreams and ambitions. The purpose of our involvement is to boost their confidence in their own abilities and in financial institutions.

Desjardins International Development (DID) is looking to awaken young people to the importance of rigorously managing their finances to succeed in business. Better awareness of available services will help increase their economic leverage, and by extension improve their living conditions and those of their community.

Create the right conditions for the financial inclusion of young adults

Our initiatives focus on financial and digital inclusion, capacity-building and developing the potential of youth between 15 and 24.

Empower youth

  • Assist in the delivery of financial literacy programs
  • Improve access to suitable financial products
  • Stimulate job creation

Support young entrepreneurs

  • Offer technical business management advice
  • Expand access to financing
  • Implement an institutional loan guarantee fund
  • Empower young people to do business with financial institutions

Go digital for greater inclusion

  • Establish a consistent digital financial inclusion strategy
  • Help young people step up their digital skills
  • Assist financial institutions with their digital transformation
  • Promote the use of electronic payment methods
  • Counsel public entities on creating an environment conducive to digital inclusion

Job readiness for young people: ensuring a bright future

Young adults living in the rural areas of developing countries represent 88% of the 1.2 billion young people worldwide. In Africa, more than 16 million young people will enter the job market every year until 2030.

Helping youth in developing countries get stable, decently paid jobs or start their own business means giving them a better start in adult life. They then go on to contribute to the economic development of their community and break the cycle of poverty.

One of my greatest successes was to see that young people had implemented sustainable and profitable income-generating activities. Through the savings groups we help set up, those young people were able to raise enough money to release their financial guarantee and receive a loan. According to them, their only regret is that they met with DID a little late in their lives!

Sokhna Seye Ba

Finance Advisor, Entrepreneurship Support and Development, DID-Senegal

Youth as a dynamic agent of change

STEP project in Senegal

Youth employment skills training program

Our experts helped integrate financial education modules into school programs and connected young people with microfinance institutions.

Since participating in STEP, I have seen savings more as a resource that I can invest in the development of my business. I feel able to negotiate a loan with a financial institution. I am confident that I can contribute to the development of my community and actively participate as an agent of change.


STEP project

PROFEM Project in Colombia

Empowering youth economically and creating inspirational role models

We develop the potential of young people outside of urban areas by giving them access to financial education and business loans.

What I like about being an entrepreneur is that I can create jobs in my region, have my own resources and be a role model for young people in my community.

María Camila Marín Flórez

PROFEM project beneficiary


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