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Empower­ing women and promoting gender equality

We believe in empowering women and boosting their economic strength. The financial education of women is essential to ending world poverty and protecting human rights.

For a more level playing field

We’re active in a number of different sectors, but all of our missions focus on ensuring universal and equitable access to social and economic structures in developing countries. 

Gender equality depends on women’s active participation in the economic development of their community. Women and girls are powerful artisans of change, and we’re working to improve their access to and control over resources.

Our initiatives change women’s lives

Our projects have tangible effects on the daily realities of women, girls and their communities.

Giving women greater autonomy

  • Help women develop their leadership
  • Promote the participation of women in decision-making processes
  • Improve women’s knowledge of their rights
  • Empower women through capacity building

Improving access to resources

  • Develop innovative and affordable financial products adapted to women's needs
  • Implement financing mechanisms for women
  • Facilitate access to land, technologies and workload-reducing practices
  • Reduce women's vulnerability to the impacts of the climate crisis

Creating jobs and building capacity

  • Facilitate the integration of women into the formal economy
  • Support the development of women’s entrepreneurship

Helping create an environment based on equality

  • Encourage dialogue between genders 
  • Change discriminatory practices and social norms 
  • Advise communities on a political and legal environment more conducive to gender equality

Financial education: the key to women’s leadership

Girls and women need a solid financial education in order to gain autonomy. That’s how they adopt secure financial behaviours and overcome certain obstacles to financial products and services.  

This knowledge gives them the confidence they need to make their voices heard and influence decisions on issues that concern them. When women exercise leadership, the whole community benefits.

The financial inclusion of young people and women is a major challenge. Poverty has a female face.

Maurille Couthon

Director, ADAPAMI project in Benin

Our achievements give women the spotlight

ADAPAMI project in Benin

Giving women the confidence and knowledge they need

Our team gives women and young people training and reinforcement activities focused on financial education and female leadership.

We can rightfully take our place alongside men in the workplace. We can lead an all-male or mixed team. The training reassured us and gave us this confidence.


ADAPAMI project

PROFEM project in Colombia

Bolstering the economic and social power of women and young people

We support the financial inclusion and capacity-building of women and young people living in rural areas in order to help them reach their full potential.

I have always worked hard and made great efforts to get what I have today. Now, in order to grow my business, I need to learn how to keep my accounts and I also need people to believe in me.


PROFEM project


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