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Whether you’re looking for insurance products or want to manage your policies or make a claim, we’ve got you covered.

Top-searched insurance products

Car insurance

Explore coverage that's right for you and your vehicle.

Learn more about car insurance

Home insurance 

Protect against loss or damage to your property and belongings.

Learn more about home insurance 

Life insurance

Choose from our term and permanent life insurance coverage options.

Learn more about life insurance 

Travel insurance

Find coverage for your travel needs and 24/7 assistance service.

Learn more about travel insurance

Looking for another insurance product?

Group insurance

Get the most out of your plan: explore online services, your coverage and other services.

Learn more about group insurance

Recreational vehicle insurance

Find the right coverage for your RV or other leisure vehicle.

Learn more about recreational and leisure vehicle insurance

Pet insurance

Find the best insurance plan for your dog's or cat's needs.

Learn more about pet insurance

Personal health insurance

Not covered by a government or employee benefit plan? Find options to help cover your healthcare expenses.

Learn more about health insurance

Disability insurance

Protect your income in case you’re unable to work due to a disability.

Learn more about disability insurance

Critical illness insurance

Discover insurance that helps cover costs associated with a critical illness.

Learn more about critical illness insurance

Accident insurance

Get insurance that helps cover costs related to an accident.

Learn more about accident insurance 

Savings-Life Insurance

Get coverage tied to your bank account that helps in case of death or a cancer diagnosis.

Learn more about Savings-Life Insurance

Loan insurance

Insure your loan or payments for peace of mind.

Learn more about loan insurance 

Line of credit insurance

Get coverage to help pay off your line of credit in case of death or disability.

Learn more about line of credit insurance

Credit balance insurance

Find coverage to help pay off your Desjardins credit card if something goes wrong.

Learn more about credit balance insurance

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Call on one of our local Desjardins Agents for help finding financial services and insurance products to meet your unique needs.

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Damage insurance products are underwritten and distributed by Desjardins General Insurance Inc., provider of automobile, property and business insurance. Life insurance and living benefits products are manufactured by Desjardins Financial Security Life Assurance Company. The Desjardins Pet Insurance Program is underwritten and distributed by Petline Insurance Company.
The information on this page is provided for informational purposes only. The terms and conditions of the coverages described are set out in the insurance policy, which always prevails. Certain conditions, exclusions and limitations may apply.