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You can count on your agent to listen and provide personalized advice for your auto, home and life insurance needs.

Bundle your home and auto insurance with us and save up to 35% on your home insurance. 1

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A vast network at your service

Our Desjardins Agents are active in Ontario, Alberta and New Brunswick and can provide you with a full range of insurance and financial services. We care about working closely with you and helping you find the coverage that meets your unique needs.

More than 450 agents 2

Over 750,000 households insured 2

1.2 million clients 3

2nd largest general insurer in Canada 4

A close relation­ship built on trust

Do you need advice about insuring your home or belongings, or about planning your retirement? Maybe you have a recreational vehicle or cottage, or you're putting your heart and soul into building a business.

Whatever your situation, we're here to help you with your insurance and financial needs. Our goal is to make these decisions easy for you so you can enjoy peace of mind.

Very knowledge­able staff goes above and beyond to provide great service. They made moving to a new house easy by contacting our lawyer and banking officials on our behalf.


Policyholder and Desjardins Agent client

Advantages of working with a local Desjardins Agent

We believe that understanding your needs, being available and listening to you is the best way to make sure you have the right coverage.

Insurance expertise

We have in-depth knowledge of the market so we can answer your questions clearly, in person or remotely.

Peace of mind

Protect the things that are dear to you so you can focus on what really matters: enjoying every one of life's moments and milestones.

Persona­lized advice and plan

We take time to thoroughly assess your situation. We can help ensure that your coverage fits your needs and you won't have any surprises if you make a claim.

Reliability and trust

Your Desjardins Agent won't disappear once you choose your coverage. They'll help you make a claim or adjust your plan—anytime!

The right coverage at the right price

Avoid paying for more insurance than you need. Your personalized plan includes all discounts you qualify for.

A compre­hensive range of products

Talk to your local Desjardins agent about your best coverage options and financial strategy.

Car insurance

Choose car insurance designed to suit your needs and those of your family and see if you're eligible for any discounts or combined offers.

Home­owners insurance

Insure your home or cottage and contents with us. Let us guide you and offer coverage options and discounts that fit your lifestyle.

Tenant insurance

Protect your belongings, clothes and furniture in case of accidents or damage caused by fire or bad weather, for example.

Condo insurance

Insure your personal property and any parts of your unit that aren't covered by your condo corporation's insurance policy.

Business insurance

Opt for property and liability insurance that's tailored to your industry and your business needs.

Life and health insurance

Count on us to help you understand your life, health and disability insurance options and the benefits of each one.

Financial services and retirement planning

Trust us with your financial needs. Together, we'll make a plan and start building your future!

Car loan

Your interest rate is guaranteed for up to 90 days and terms are flexible so you can pay off your loan more quickly and without penalties.

Explore additional coverage

Round out your insurance coverage with these complementary products. Contact your Desjardins Agent for more information. 

Count on us for support during the recovery process should you fall victim to identity theft. Also get up to $25,000 to help with covered expenses. This coverage is also known as Identity theft or Identity fraud insurance.

Identity restoration coverage 5

How much does identity fraud insurance cost? 
  • $25 per year
Who's covered? 
  • You
  • Your partner
  • Family members living with you
How long is the service available? 
  • For up to 12 months following identity theft
What expenses are covered?
  • Cost to get copies of your credit records
  • Fees when reapplying for credit or loans denied due to fraudulent activity
  • Legal fees for civil or criminal proceedings and representation fees in the event of a government audit 
  • Notary and filing fees to correct your identity and credit records
  • Phone, postage and shipping fees 
  • Lost wages and expenses for child, elder and infirm care (up to $5,000) 
  • Other fees (up to $1,000)

Personal umbrella liability policy 5

Enjoy additional protection on top of the civil liability insurance included in your homeowners policy. This policy affords you greater liability limits in the case of a lawsuit.

How much does the personal umbrella liability policy cost?
  • Needs vary, so please talk to your agent to get a quote. Liability coverage is added to your existing policy and is sold in increments of $1 million.
Who's covered?
  • You
  • Any other insured person named on your policy
How long is the policy valid?
  • 12 months
Ideal if:
  • Your finances and current insurance would not cover damages and interest in a lawsuit for accidental damage to someone else’s property
  • You drive in the US or travel abroad often

Maximize your coverage

Safeguard the people and possessions that matter most. Round out your home insurance coverage with both life and disability insurance.

Your homeowners insurance policy is a great first step toward avoiding the hassles that come with accidents or losses, but it's only one part of the picture. Build a triangle of protection around your home and family by adding life and disability insurance to your coverage. You can apply for coverage in case of sudden death, illness, injury or accident.

Backed by Desjardins, Canada's largest cooperative financial group

Your Desjardins Agent has the support of Canada's leading cooperative financial group. You can count on a solid network that has strong community values and the backing of Desjardins. You'll have access to a wide range of products and services, including a variety of responsible products that comply with sustainable development practices.

Canada’s best-performing bank, according to The Banker 6

Ranked among Corporate Knights’ Best 50 Corporate Citizens in Canada 7

We're there for you, anytime anywhere

Use your Online Services or app to manage your insurance.

  • View your insurance documents
  • Display your digital proof of auto insurance in the app 8
  • Update your payment information
  • File a claim
  • Update your personal information
  • Take advantage of our prevention solutions Ajusto®, Alert™ and Radar™

Download the Desjardins Insurance Home-Auto app

Protect your home with Alert

Help keep your home safe with the AlertTM program, which includes the DIY home alarm system by Roost®.  And save up to 10% on your home insurance when you also subscribe to Roost's monitoring service.

It pays to drive safe with Ajusto

Sign up for the Ajusto program and get 10% off your auto insurance for the first 6 months! 

Description Transcript
Take control of your insurance costs

  minutes 59   seconds

Ajusto takes into account your driving behaviour and habits to offer you a more personalized auto insurance premium. Ajusto is available free in our mobile app. Watch the video to see how it works.

Take control of your insurance costs

Note: The information in brackets describes the audio and visual content of the video that is not dialogue or narration.

[Context: A cartoon explaining the advantages of the Ajusto app and how it works. Throughout the video, a narrator reads the audio content.]

[On-screen action: The Desjardins Ajusto app is displayed on a cellphone. The background is a bird's-eye view of a highway winding through a forest.]

[On-screen text: The Ajusto® program]

Desjardins Insurance is offering the Ajusto program for free in the Desjardins Insurance Home-Auto app.

[On-screen action: Overhead view of cars on highways and overpasses, all displaying the Ajusto app's signature letter "a."]

Ajusto takes into account your driving behaviour and habits to offer you a more personalized auto insurance premium.

[On-screen text: Steps 1 2 3]

Let's look at how it works in 3 steps.

[On-screen action: A small car is featured to the left of a cellphone.]

[On-screen text: Step 1. Download the Desjardins Insurance Home-Auto app]

Step 1: Download the Desjardins Insurance Home-Auto app on your smartphone and enter your policy number.

[On-screen action: A check mark is displayed on the cellphone. City skyline in the background.]

Go to the Ajusto section under the Prevention tab and sign up for the program through the app.

[On-screen action: The cellphone displays a map of a sample driving route. House appears to the right with a Wi-Fi symbol above the roof.]

You don't need to have a data plan to use Ajusto. Your driving data will be sent when your phone is connected to Wi-Fi.

[On-screen action: Cars driving on a highway in both directions. Speedometer appears on the right side of the screen.]

[On-screen text: Step 2. Drive safely]

Step 2: Drive safely.

Once Ajusto is activated, it will analyze when, where and how you drive to calculate your overall score.

Ajusto looks at:

[On-screen action: Cars continue to drive on the highway. A traffic sign pops up indicating MAXIMUM 50.]

[On-screen text: How fast you drive]

How fast you drive

Respecting the speed limit is an excellent way to reduce the risk of an accident.

[On-screen action: Cars on highway suddenly speed up and knock and spin the sign. The outline of a hazard sign appears.]

[On-screen text: How quickly you accelerate]

How quickly you accelerate

Smooth acceleration will give you a higher score.

[On-screen action: View from the side. A car on the left nearly rear ends a car on the right.]

[On-screen text: How hard you brake]

How hard you brake

[On-screen action: A double-direction arrow grows and separates the cars to a safer distance.]

[On-screen text: Safe distance]

Always keep a safe distance from the vehicle in front of you. It gives you more time to brake gently and avoid a collision.

[On-screen action: A cellphone with blank chat bubbles appears. Background is a vehicle dashboard, symbolizing texting at the wheel.]

[On-screen text: How often you look at your cellphone]

How often you look at your cellphone

Using a cellphone while driving is one of the main causes of accidents. Don't use it, to help make the roads safer for everyone.

Ajusto also looks at:

[On-screen action: Numbers add up on a speedometer.]

[On-screen text: How far you drive]

How far you drive

The shorter your trip, the lower your risk of getting into an accident.

[On-screen action: Clock hands turn very quickly.]

[On-screen text: When you drive]

When you drive

Drivers are more likely to get into accidents during certain times of the day, like at dusk.

[On-screen action: Overhead view of a dotted line making its way through a city, symbolizing a driving route. The Ajusto app letter "a" pops up when the car has completed the route.]

[On-screen text: Where you drive daily]

Where you drive daily

The more regular your daily routine, the less likely you are to encounter surprises and get into an accident. That means your score will be higher.

[On-screen action: A car is parked to the left of a cellphone featuring risk factors, like Distance, Time of the day and Trip routines.]

[On-screen text: Step 3. Learn more about your driving habits and check your score]

Step 3: Learn more about your driving habits and check your score.

[On-screen action: Numbers quickly decrease and increase, symbolizing driving scores.]

Ajusto gives you personalized tips to improve your driving. You can also see your score. The higher your score, the more you save!

[On-screen action: Return to the screen with cars driving on highways and overpasses. A hazard symbol pops up.]

[On-screen text: Safe driving habits can help reduce your auto insurance premium by up to 25%]

Safe driving habits can help reduce your auto insurance premium by up to 25%.

It pays to drive safely. But if you're more of a risk taker, your premium could increase by up to 20%.

[On-screen action: City skyline in background, foreground features cellphone with 10% discount on screen.]

[On-screen text: Join the program!]

Join the program and get rewarded for your safe driving habits!

You can sign up for Ajusto at any time. No need to wait until your insurance is up for renewal.

[On-screen text: 10% discount the first 6 months]

You'll get a 10% enrolment discount on your insurance for the first 6 months.

[On-screen action: Return to cars moving along a highway in both directions. City skyline in background.]

[On-screen text: 180 days and 1,000 kilometers]

After 180 days and 1,000 kilometers, you'll get an insurance premium based on when, where and how you drive.

[On-screen action: 10% appears, first with a downward-pointing arrow, then with an upward-pointing arrow.]

[On-screen text: 10%]

Your premium may be lower or higher than it was with your 10% enrolment discount.

[On-screen text: Sign up today!]

Sign up today!

[On-screen text: Get a quote.] 

Not a Desjardins Insurance client? Get a quote.

[On-screen action: The Desjardins 6-sided logo appears, one side at a time, to the left of the Desjardins Insurance name.]

[On-screen text: Desjardins Insurance]

[On-screen legal text: Certain conditions, limitations and exclusions may apply. The discount and the personalized premium do not apply to certain endorsements or additional coverages. Ajusto is underwritten by Desjardins Insurance which refers to Certas Home and Auto Insurance Company. Ajusto® is a registered trademark of Desjardins General Insurance Inc., used under licence. Desjardins Insurance refers to Certas Home and Auto Insurance Company, underwriter of automobile and property insurance, or Desjardins Financial Security Life Assurance Company, underwriter of life insurance and living benefits products. DESJARDINS®, DESJARDINS INSURANCE TM, all trademarks containing the word Desjardins, as well as related logos are trademarks of the Fédération des caisses Desjardins du Québec, used under licence.]

[End of transcript]

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What's the difference between insurance brokers and Desjardins Agents?

Insurance brokers sell products by a variety of insurers. Desjardins Agents offer only Desjardins products. Because they have in-depth knowledge of the policies, they can provide you with a truly tailor-made solution.

How do I become a Desjardins Agent?

Read about our recruitment process.

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Automobile, property and business insurance products are underwritten by Certas Home and Auto Insurance Company. Life insurance and living benefits products are manufactured by Desjardins Financial Security Life Assurance Company.
Certain conditions, exclusions and limitations may apply. The information on this page is provided for informational purposes only. Savings and discounts are based on each client's individual profile and are subject to eligibility conditions. Rates and discounts are subject to change without notice. The terms and conditions of the coverages described are set out in the insurance policy, which always prevails. Ajusto is underwritten by Desjardins General Insurance Inc. Ajusto ® is a registered trademark of Desjardins General Insurance Inc. The discount and the personalized premium do not apply to certain endorsements or additional coverages. Radar TM is a trademark of Desjardins General Insurance Group Inc., used under licence. Alert TM is a trademark of Desjardins General Insurance Group Inc., used under licence. The Roost word mark and logo are trademarks of Roost, Inc., and have been registered in the United States and in certain other jurisdictions. Apple and the Apple logo are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries and regions. App Store is a service mark of Apple Inc. Google Play and the Google Play logo are trademarks of Google LLC.

Privacy and Security

Desjardins Agents sell the products of the following companies, referred to as "Desjardins Agent partners":

Some of your personal information may be used by your Desjardins Agent in order to offer you insurance and financial products that suit your needs. Therefore, your identification information and some information about your interaction with your Desjardins Agent may be shared with Desjardins Agent partners. Desjardins ®, Desjardins Insurance ®, all trademarks containing the word Desjardins, as well as related logos are trademarks of the Fédération des caisses Desjardins du Québec, used under licence. Homeowners can save up to 10% and tenants and condo owners, up to 15%. According to 2021 data. According to 2015 data. According to 2020 data. This is a general description of our personal identity fraud and umbrella liability coverages. It is not a statement of contract. All coverages are subject to policy provisions and minimum requirements as outlined in your primary insurance policy.  According to The Banker's 2019 ranking of Canada's leading financial institutions. According to the Corporate Knights annual ranking of the best 50 corporate citizens in Canada from 2012-2021. Digital proof of auto insurance is generally accepted in Alberta, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, the Northwest Territories, Nova Scotia, Ontario, Prince Edward Island, Quebec, the Yukon and in most American states. When you're driving, keep a paper copy with you in case your phone isn't charged and you're asked to show proof of insurance.