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Desjardins Agents FAQ

Does a Desjardins Agent help you with your insurance needs? Find answers to your questions about online services, payments and billing right here!

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Online accounts

How do I sign up for an online account?

Go to the sign up Online Services registration page to create an account. Enter your email address and create a password. You’ll have access to your insurance policy information within 48 hours.

Once you’ve signed up, you can log in to manage your insurance, see your policy details, file a claim and sign up for the paper-free option. You can also use your account to let us know about changes, like a new car, a new driver or a change of address.

What can I do if I forgot my password?

Go to the Log in Online Services page and select Forgot your password? We’ll send you an email with instructions on how to change your password.

Why can't I use my partner's account online when we're listed on the same policy?

For security reasons, each Desjardins Insurance online account is registered in one name, with one email address and one date of birth. As a policyholder, you can sign up to create your own online account.

Why can't I see my policy in my online account?

Only policyholders can view their policy information online. You may be insured on a policy without being listed as a policyholder. Contact your Desjardins Agent to make sure that you are a policyholder on the policy.

What's the difference between a policyholder and an insured?

Every policy has at least one policyholder—that’s the person or people in charge of the policy. If you’re a policyholder, you can make changes to your policy.

If you’re insured on a policy and not a policyholder, you’re not responsible for the policy and you can’t make changes.

In your online account, you’ll only see information for the policies where you are a policyholder.

If you want to make changes to your policy to add or remove a policyholder, speak to your Desjardins Agent.

Why can't I access my business policy online?

Business accounts do not have online access at the present time, but there are plans to include them in the future.

I'm moving to a different area. Can I change my agent online?

You can’t change agents in your online account. Please speak to your Desjardins Agent about transferring your insurance to an agent in your new area.

Can I change my coverage online?

No. Please contact your Desjardins Agent if you want to change your coverage options.

Can I add a driver to my account online?

Yes. Log in to your account. Choose your car insurance policy, and then select Add a Driver. Your request will be sent over to your Desjardins Agent's office for processing.

Can I use my account to manage my life insurance?

You can view your life insurance in your online account, but to make changes, please get in touch with your agent.

Billing and payments

Where can I find my payment information in my online account?

Log in Online Services to your account and go to the Payment section.

Who do I make my cheque payable to?

Please refer to your billing invoice or contact your Desjardins Agent for more information

When I make a payment, what name will I see on my credit card or bank statement?

Depending on your insurance policies and products, the payee name will appear as Certas Home and Auto Ins. Co., Certas H&A / DFS or Desjardins Financial Security.

I want to pay through my banking website, what payee name do I choose?

For car and home insurance, select Certas Home and Auto Inc. Co. and enter your 8-digit policy number in the space provided.

When are payments processed?

Pre-authorized payments are processed on the date you chose when you set up your plan. Generally, your account will be credited on the same business day. For more information about pre-authorized payments, speak to your Desjardins Agent.

Credit card payments are normally processed the same day.

I created an account to make a payment, why isn’t my car insurance policy showing up?

Only policyholders can access their policy online. If you have questions about the names of the policyholders on your insurance, contact your Desjardins Agent.

Why is the system saying I have an amount due when I made the payment through my Desjardins Agent's office?

It can take up to 3 business days for a payment made at your Desjardins Agent's office to show online. If you made the payment more than 3  days ago, please contact your Desjardins Agent's office.

To see the most recent payments in your account, select the policy number.

Why don't all the payments I've made show up in my online account?

To see your payments, go to the Payment section. Depending on how you paid, it can take up to 3 business days for payments to be shown in your online account.

If you’re concerned about a payment or if you think there’s an error in your account, please contact your Desjardins Agent.

Who do I contact if I have questions about billing or payments?

Please contact your Desjardins Agent if you have questions about your payments or renewal coverage. You’ll find your agent's phone number and email in your online account and on your invoice.

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