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Insurance FAQ

Questions about insurance? Find the answers in our FAQ.

General questions about insurance

Damage insurance

What is a deductible?

A deductible is the amount you must pay when you make an insurance claim. Let's say you have a $500 deductible, and your home or car is damaged by an incident that's covered under your policy. If the repairs cost $5,000, you pay the first $500 and your insurance pays the remaining $4,500.

For pet insurance, the deductible is based on your pet's age. You only pay one deductible per year, regardless of how many claims you submit throughout the year. If you have no claims that year, you will not pay any deductible.

Can I change my address online?

If you've moved or are planning to move, you can change your address online.

Auto and home insurance
  • Log in to online services.
  • In the menu, select Profile.
  • In the Address section, select Change my address.
  • Type in the requested information and save your changes.
Pet insurance
  • Log in to the pet insurance portal.
  • In the menu, select Your details.
  • To change your address, select Edit.
  • Type in the requested information and click Check Premium, then Confirm to save your changes.
Why do insurance companies ask for my consent to check my credit history?

Your credit history is one of the factors insurance companies take into account to assess risk and calculate the best insurance premium for your needs. There’s a difference between checking credit for a loan and for insurance purposes; having your credit checked for insurance purposes doesn’t affect your score.

Read the Insurance Bureau of Canada's All about credit information and insurance. External link. article for more details.

What happens if I don't want an insurer to check my credit history?

They'll respect your decision and still give you a quote. However, you might benefit from a better premium on your policy if you give consent to obtain your credit score.

Read the Insurance Bureau of Canada's All about credit information and insurance. External link. article for more details.

When do I need a police report for my insurance claim?

Some of the situations when you may need a police report are:

  • Theft or attempted theft
  • Fire
  • If a vehicle hits your house
How do I cancel my insurance?

Get in touch with us if you want to cancel your car, home, recreational vehicle, pet or travel insurance. We're here to help. Find our contact information and learn more about cancelling your insurance.

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