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Accident insurance FAQ

Questions about our accident insurance? Read on to learn more about Accirance Select.

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How do I cancel my accident insurance? 

To cancel your insurance policy, call us at 1-800-463-7838 Phone number of Desjardins Insurance. This link opens your phone app. and we can walk you through the process.

Can I cancel my accident insurance before the renewal date?

Yes, you can cancel your policy before the renewal date. Your coverage would end the day after you cancel.

But if you submit your request to cancel after the renewal notice has been sent out, your coverage will be cancelled when the policy is set to end.

How Accirance Select works

Can I make changes to my accident insurance?

Yes. You can change the policyholders, add or remove dependents and change when and how often you pay premiums. To make changes, call us at 1-800-463-7838.

 . one number of Desjardins Insurance. This link opens your phone app..

Can I change the beneficiaries on my accident insurance policy?

Yes. To change the beneficiaries on your accident insurance policy, fill out the Designation, revocation or addition of beneficiary(ies) (PDF, 1.33 MB) This link will open in a new window. form.

How do I transfer my accident insurance policy to another person?

To transfer your accident insurance policy to another person, fill out the Change of policyholder (PDF, 1.31 MB) This link will open in a new window. form.

Is the cost of my accident insurance tax deductible?

No, the cost of your insurance (or premium) is not tax deductible. 

How many times can I make an accident insurance claim?

You can make a claim any number of times, as long as your policy is in force and the maximum benefit hasn't been reached.


If I move out of province, will I still be covered?

Yes. If you were a Canadian resident when you took out the accident insurance policy, you can move to another province or even another country and still be covered.

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