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Home insurance FAQ

Questions about home, condo or tenant insurance? Learn more about cancelling insurance, premiums and preventing losses.

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How do I cancel my home insurance policy?

The easiest way to cancel your insurance policy is to contact us at 1-888-277-8726 This link will launch your default phone software.

We really want to hear what you have to say and understand what you need. Your satisfaction is our priority.

If you prefer to write, you can log in to your Online Services and send us a secure email. Simply select Renewal or cancellation and choose the insurance product to cancel. After that, just go to the How can we help you? section and provide us with your:

  • Desired cancellation date
  • Reason for cancellation
  • Address

You can also fill out, sign and mail us the slip included with your insurance contract.

We can then review your insurance file and give you advice that's right for your situation.

We'll confirm the cancellation by mail.

Tip: Make sure you have adequate insurance coverage elsewhere before the cancellation date. Compare the included coverages, benefits, services and prices carefully.

Are there fees for cancelling my policy?

If you decide not to renew your home insurance policy, call us at 1-888-277-8726 This link will launch your default phone software.

There are no penalties or fees if you cancel on the policy renewal date.

There may be fees if you cancel before the renewal date. This is standard industry practice. To find out what the fees may be for you, call us at 1-888-277-8726 This link will launch your default phone software.

Can my insurer decide to cancel my home insurance policy?

Yes, in some cases, your insurer may cancel your home insurance policy (for example, if you hadn't paid your premiums or if you make false statements). We would notify you by registered mail well within legal time limits if we were going to cancel your insurance.

Loss prevention

How can I make sure my wood-burning stove is safe?

For more information on buying, installing, maintaining and ensuring the safety of a wood-burning appliance, read the section on wood-burning devices External link. on the Quebec government's website.

How can I help protect my home from fire?

One of the best ways to prevent fire is to make sure that all your smoke detectors are working properly and have fresh batteries.

Should I have a backwater valve installed?

Absolutely! A backwater valve External link. (also called a backup valve) is a device that helps prevent sewage backup from getting into your home. Make sure yours is installed in accordance with your municipality’s standards and regulations.

How do I check whether my backwater valve is sealed and working properly?

According to plumbing experts, you should check your backwater valve twice a year (spring and fall) to make sure it's working properly.

No matter how careful you are, water damage can still occur. If it does, a claims advisor can help you deal with your emergency and start the claim process.

What’s a sewer backup?

A sewer backup can occur when an abnormally high flow of water overloads the water supply system. This typically happens when there's a heavy rainfall, melting snow, a sudden thaw or a rise in the water table.

Backwater valves External link. can help prevent this kind of loss.


Does my basic home insurance policy cover my home-based childcare business?

No, it doesn't cover your home-based childcare business.

Your basic home insurance policy:

  • Doesn’t provide liability coverage for home-based businesses
  • Includes coverage limits for any property related to your childcare business
  • Doesn’t provide coverage for loss of business income

Contact us to make sure your home insurance includes coverage for self-employed workers.

How much insurance do I need for my personal property?

To be on the safe side, you should have enough coverage to protect all your belongings, including your:

  • Clothes
  • Furniture
  • Electronics
  • Computers
  • Other valuables (jewellery, collections, etc.)

People often underestimate the value of their belongings. That's why it’s important to do a property inventory External link so you know exactly how much your stuff is worth.

More questions about home insurance

How can I lower my home insurance premium?

Here are a few tips to lower your home insurance premium:

  • Install a centrally monitored alarm system.
  • Buy your home and auto insurance from the same provider to get a multi-product discount.
  • Tell us about any major home improvements that are likely to lower the risk of loss (new roof or upgrades to the plumbing, electrical or heating systems, etc.).
  • Increase your deductible, but just make sure you can afford to pay it in the event of a claim.

Also, if everyone in your house is a non-smoker, you could enjoy a lower home insurance premium, because there's less risk of a fire in a smoke-free home.

Renewal is an excellent time to review your policy and make sure you're getting the right coverage at the right price.

Looking for more about home insurance?

Read up on coverages, discounts, the claims process and our online services.

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