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Disability insurance

Insurance that protects your income if you're unable to work due to a disability.

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What is disability insurance?

Disability insurance replaces a portion of your income if you're unable to work due to an accident or illness. Whether you have a short- or long-term disability, you'll get a monthly amount (or "benefit") so you can pay your bills and focus on getting better.

Is disability insurance worth it?

Disability insurance covers you against an unexpected loss of income if you become disabled, whether you're an employee or self-employed. 1

Protect your income

So you can keep paying your bills.

Get a tax-free monthly payment

Based on your current income or debt payments.

Top up your existing disability benefits

From a government plan, group insurance plan or other.


Personalized benefit amount

Between $400 and $10,000 per month depending on your income and job type.

Flexible benefit period

2 or 5 years for short-term disability, and up to age 65 or 70 for long-term disability depending on your policy.

Optional waiting period

Between 0 and 2 years depending on how long you choose to wait before receiving your first benefit payment. 2

Advantages of disability insurance

We have different coverage options to meet your needs. 3

Future insurability option

Increase your monthly benefit on your policy anniversary without having to do a medical exam.

Regular occupation period extender

Extend your benefits as long as you're unable to perform your regular job, even if you could perform another.

Partial disability

Get part of your benefit amount if you're able to work part-time or return to work gradually.

Return of premium

Get a partial refund of the premiums paid if you cancel your policy on an eligible date.

Loan insurance

This disability insurance option pays you a monthly amount based on your loan or other debt payments, rather than your income. Coverage isn't granted for a specific loan but for the total balance of all of your loans, for example if you have a mortgage, car loan and line of credit. Rent is also eligible if it's your principal residence.

Assistance services

If you're looking to get help with daily activities or support in difficult times, we're here for you.

Phone assistance

Call anytime for advice from a nurse on nutrition, vaccinations, the use of prescriptions drugs and other health matters.

Second medical opinion

Get a second opinion on a diagnosis from specialist physicians, who will review your medical record and history.


What qualifies you for disability?

A person is considered disabled if they're unable to perform their regular job or a replacement job due to an accident or illness. Heart attacks and mental health problems are among the most common causes of disability. A definition of disability is provided in your policy. 4

How does disability insurance work?

If you become disabled, you'll start receiving monthly benefit payments at the end of the waiting period specified in your contract. 2  These payments can last 2 or 5 years, until age 65 or 70, or until you return to work.

How much does disability insurance cost?

Disability insurance costs vary depending on the following factors:

  • Job
  • Age
  • Sex
  • Health
  • Tobacco use
  • Benefit amount
  • Benefit period
  • Waiting period
Are disability insurance benefits taxable?

Disability insurance benefits are not taxable as long as you paid all the premiums yourself.

How does having multiple sources of income impact my benefit payments?

Your monthly amount is the same whether your pay comes from one eligible job or several.

But if you become disabled, we reduce the amount based on other disability benefits you qualify for, whether from a group insurance, government or other private plan.

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There may be some limitations and exclusions, such as working a minimum number of hours and belonging to an eligible occupation class. You receive your benefit amount at the end of the waiting period, which can be 30, 60, 90 or 120 days, 1 year or 2 years. Depending on your policy, in the event of hospitalization or day surgery, you could start receiving benefit payments on the first day of your disability if you chose a waiting period of 30, 60 or 90 days. Coverage options offered vary depending on the result of your needs assessment. Certain conditions apply to withdrawals in the event of critical illness, disability or loss of autonomy.