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Looking for a financial institution in your new homeland? Consider Desjardins, the largest cooperative financial group in Canada.

Why choose Desjardins?

Our financial group has 7 million members and clients in nearly 300 caisses in Quebec and Ontario, the 2 largest provinces in Canada. It provides access to a network of 2,000 ATMs and 1,000 points of service.

You can also count on our team of multilingual experts to help you with the various stages of settling in to Canada and to recommend financial products and services tailored to your needs and projects.

A welcome offer designed especially for you1.

Save on financial products upon your arrival:

  • Make as many transactions as you’d like, at no charge2.
  • Get a credit card with no annual fee and no security deposit required3.
  • Get a free safety deposit box to store your documents and valuable personal belongings4.
  • And more!

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Meeting your needs

  • Get information

    Send us your questions by filling out the information request form.

  • Open a bank account online

    Quickly and easily open an account at Desjardins from your home country.

Desjardins caisses represent the communities they serve. This means that in addition to serving you in French and English, many caisses can also serve you in other languages.

Desjardins - Newcomers to Canada team

Call on a Desjardins team of specialists to help you choose products and services that meet your needs as a newcomer to Canada.

Its multilingual team is ready to guide you through the various steps of your integration in Canada.

Learn more - Desjardins – Montréal Centre-ville

A credit card that makes settling down easier

As a newcomer, get your first credit card3 with:

  • no credit history
  • no security deposit

Choose from our complete range of credit cards with several great features and advantages:

  • Student Cash Back Visa
  • Classic Visa
  • Cash Back Visa
  • Cash Back Mastercard
  • Elegance® Gold Visa
  • Modulo® Visa
  • Cash Back World Mastercard
  • Odyssey® Gold Visa
  • Odyssey® World Elite® Mastercard

Learn more - Get a credit card

Take advantage of the partnerships between Desjardins and foreign financial institutions. They were designed to meet your needs, help you save and facilitate your transactions. These partnerships can also simplify your financial integration if you're a newcomer to Canada.

Our partners:

Banque Populaire

Crédit Mutuel France (site in French only) - External link. This link will open in a new window.

Crédit Mutuel Antilles-Guyane (site in French only) - External link. This link will open in a new window.

Crédit Industriel et Commercial (site in French only) - External link. This link will open in a new window.

By becoming a member of a Desjardins caisse you have access to a multitude of products and services to meet all your needs.

Desjardins offers several packages that cover account service charges. You can choose the type of account and package that best suits your needs.

If you're eligible for the offer for newcomers to Canada, you can get a savings account with unlimited free transactions for 1 year.

If you're an eligible postsecondary student, 2 accounts specially designed for you let you benefit from reduced service charges.

Bank drafts and money orders

Funds deposited by bank draft or money order may be placed on hold for 30 days. Please make sure you have enough cash on hand during this time. Traveller's cheques are still the best option.


You'll receive some temporary cheques when you open an account. With these cheques, you can pay your bills and provide your account number for direct deposits and direct withdrawals. You can order more cheques online or at your caisse.

As opposed to current practice in many other countries, Canadian credit cards are generally not linked to your bank account.

Using this type of card, you can purchase goods and spread your payments over time, subject to an interest charge. Each month, you receive a detailed account statement. By paying off the balance as soon as possible, you limit the amount of interest you pay. You can even avoid paying any interest by paying the total card balance before the due date.

When you use your credit card wisely, you'll build a credit rating and establish your solvency with financial institutions and stores.

When you open a Desjardins account, you'll be issued a debit card, to which you'll add a personal identification number (PIN) as a security measure.

The card can be used in ATM machines, to make purchases in stores and make transactions online on AccèsD.

Canadian financial institutions are members of the Interac® network, making transactions available throughout the country.

To provide you with peace of mind, Desjardins now offers its members Identity Theft Assistance, Travel Assistance and Estate Assistance at no extra cost. Don't hesitate to contact us in the event of an emergency or as a preventive measure. You can reach our team 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Make your life easier by having your paycheque, government benefit or any other recurring transaction directly deposited to your account.

Foreign currency

To make foreign exchange easier from Quebec, Desjardins also offers the following in any major currency:

  • currency exchange transactions
  • new accounts
  • drafts and cheque cashing

You can receive funds from abroad or send money abroad for a fee.

To transfer funds to your caisse from abroad your caisse can provide a payment instructions form to take to your overseas financial institution.

To transfer funds abroad from your caisse account go to the caisse to activate the International money transfer function.

You'll then be able to make international money transfers online on AccèsD Internet, Desjardins's personal financial management site.

You'll need to provide:

  • bank routing information (branch number, complete name and address)
  • account number, complete name and address of the recipient

Transfers take 2 to 5 days on average.

As soon as you open a Desjardins account, you can use AccèsD Internet, our personal financial management site, to carry out confidential and secure online transactions. Check your balance, pay bills (gas, telephone, electricity, etc.) or make transfers (between accounts, to other people, international money transfers and inter-currency transfers). It’s available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, from anywhere in the world.

Many of these transactions can also be made from your smartphone.

Available for only $6.95 a year, there are no additional withdrawal, reloading or transaction fees8 The card is reloadable up to $5,000 and allows you to make ATM withdrawals and purchases anywhere Visa is accepted, online and abroad. The prepaid card comes with Zero Liability—free protection in the event of unauthorized use of your card.

Available in Quebec only

Desjardins has a wide range of credit services and products to help you bring your projects to life. Here is what Desjardins has to offer:

A Desjardins advisor can guide you and offer you products tailored to your circumstances. All loans are subject to credit approval.

As opposed to current practice in many other countries, Canadian credit cards are generally not linked to your bank account.

Using this type of card, you can purchase goods and spread your payments over time, subject to an interest charge. Each month, you receive a detailed account statement. By paying off the balance as soon as possible, you limit the amount of interest you pay. You can even avoid paying any interest by paying the total card balance before the due date.

Desjardins offers several credit cards.

No credit history is needed and no security deposit is required2.

An advisor will be pleased to help you choose the card that's best suited for you.

Get a credit card

You're planning on buying a car? Whether you opt for a new or used vehicle, buy it from a retailer or an individual, Desjardins can help you finance your purchase.

If you decide to pursue university or vocational training studies, or finish a cycle of training, Desjardins has credit products specially designed to meet your needs.

Need to borrow to purchase a house or condominium? You can count on the expertise of Desjardins advisors to help you. You may also be eligible for Canadian Government financing programs.

Need money to finance other projects (e.g. purchase of goods and services, travel, family sponsoring, etc.)? Desjardins has several types of personal loans to choose from.

Access funds rapidly whenever you need them.

Desjardins offers several ways to save money and make it grow. Our advisors can help you determine which one is best suited to your investor profile and objectives.

Desjardins offers several types of savings accounts to help you put money aside.

Short-, medium- or long-term investments that make your money grow risk-free.

Risk-free investments whose performance is linked to market fluctuations.

Canada and Quebec encourage individuals to save for their retirement by contributing to a registered retirement savings plan (RRSP). The amounts saved are tax-sheltered until they are withdrawn at retirement. Desjardins can help you choose from the various retirement investment options.

Desjardins has several investment products that let you plan your children's post-secondary studies or even help you go back to school. Your dreams and those of your children can come true.

Investment funds are high return potential investment products. Desjardins offers a wide selection of funds to knowledgeable investors or individuals simply looking to diversify their investment portfolio.

Whether you're an expert on stock markets or someone who needs the sound advice of a professional, the Desjardins Securities Brokerage Service can help you with your trade orders.

Insure yourself, your family and your assets

If you are a newcomer to Canada and are not yet covered by a provincial health plan, you can get the Visitors to Canada Insurance. This essential coverage allows you to get emergency health care in the event of an accident or illness and therefore ensures peace of mind. It is also offered to individuals visiting Canada with a work visa or study visa, to visitors to Canada and to Canadians not covered by a provincial health plan.

If you are a Desjardins member and are eligible for Visitors to Canada Insurance, you can enjoy a 3-day discount on your insurance.

Learn more - Visitors to Canada Insurance

An advisor at your caisse can help you analyze your needs and guide you through your selection of personal insurance. Here is an overview of the products offered by Desjardins.

Protects you against the financial consequences of an accident, at anytime and anywhere around the world, whether you are an adult, a child or a family. It complements the public Health Insurance Plan and your group insurance plan.

Attached to the various savings accounts offered by your caisse, it can be used to cover the funeral expenses and financial obligations of the deceased.

Lets you select the insurance amount that best suits your needs to help loved ones pay for funeral expenses, death-related expenses, bills, expenses related to an illness, etc.

Life and disability insurance that helps you meet your lending obligations in the event of disability or death.

Intended for all Visa Desjardins eligible cardholders, this insurance can help you cover the balance of your current transactions as well as your credit card payments in case of death, dismemberment, disability, involuntary loss of employment or the first diagnostic of a critical illness.

Coverage in the event that an illness or injury occurs outside your province of residence.

Life, disability and health insurance (analysis of coverage needs)

Personalized service with a Financial Security Advisor to determine your coverage needs. Provides you with an insurance solution composed of various types of coverage (life, critical illness, loss of independence) that takes into consideration both your current situation and projects.

Once settled in Quebec, you will probably have to insure valuable property, such as your home and vehicle. You'll want adequate coverage, competitive premiums and unfailing service. That's what you'll get with the insurance products offered by Desjardins, the largest property insurer in Quebec.

If you're eligible for the offer for newcomers to Canada or if you've signed up for the offer, we'll recognize your years of experience as a principal driver in your home country—which means you'll enjoy an attractive rate when you ask for an auto insurance quote. To take advantage of this, when you call Desjardins Insurance, be sure to mention that you've signed up for the offer for newcomers to Canada.

Full coverage to ensure security on the road.

"All risks" basic coverage and optional coverage so you can personalize your insurance to meet your needs, whether you're an owner, a co-owner or tenant.

All trademarks are the property of their respective owner.

®Mastercard and World Elite are registered trademarks, and the circles design is a trademark of Mastercard International Incorporated.

®Interac e-Transfer is a registered trademark of Interac Inc. Used under licence.

  1. To be eligible for the offer, you can't already be a Desjardins member or have been for 1 year or less. You must be a permanent resident who has lived in Canada for 3 years or less or a temporary foreign worker with a work permit of 6 months or longer.
  2. The promotion is applicable only to The Premier Plan for the period of one year and it begins one the first day of the month after the account is opened. If the account is opened on the 15th of the month, fees will apply for the current month, but the following 12 months will be free. The offer may change without notice.
  3. To get a Desjardins credit card, newcomers must open an account in a Desjardins caisse in Quebec or a caisse populaire in Ontario. They must also have a full-time job in Canada and be willing to reside and work there on a long-term basis. The credit limit will be attributed based on the applicant's income and the credit risk assessment. Other conditions apply.
  4. Available at caisses where the service is offered.
  5. Available to Quebec residents ages 16 and over.
  6. Currency conversion charges apply on amounts charged to account in foreign currencies and converted into Canadian dollars. Fees to reload a prepaid card may be charged by the financial institution approached by the cardholder or at which the account is held. Fees may also apply depending on the ATM used.