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Personalize your Student Cash Back Visa card image

Put the image of your choice on your Student Cash Back Visa card!

Already have a card?

1. Log on to AccèsD.

2. In the Cards, loans and credit drawer, to the right of your Student Cash Back Visa card, click Options and select Manage this account.

3. In the left-hand menu of your card, click Change card visual.

Log on to AccèsD

Don't have a card?

Apply for a card and choose your image at the same time.

Apply for a card

 The first personalization is free.

A $5 fee applies to replace the image of a personalized card, unless it's expiring soon1.

How to ensure your image is accepted

Your image cannot contain ANY of the following:

Copyrighted material

  • Photos taken by a professional (that don't belong to you)
  • Professionally photographed cars
  • Photos of professional athletes
  • Logos, names or slogans of well-known brands (clothing, cars, sports teams, etc.)
  • Website or signature on a photo
  • Well-known works of art (paintings, drawings, graphic designs)
  • Flags
  • Ads
  • Mobile app filters

Public figures

  • Celebrities or well-known people (musicians, singers, actors, athletes, etc.)
  • Comic characters (comic strips, manga, etc.)
  • Cartoons (TV shows, movies, etc.)
  • Social media celebrities
  • Celebrity animals

Security and brand image

  • Images that could cause problems at the point of sale or potentially harm the security features of the card
  • Black or white background
  • Text
  • Coins or bank notes of any type or origin
  • Any depiction that could harm the Visa or Desjardins brand images

Nudity and sexuality

  • Any depiction of nudity or semi-nudity (bikini, provocative attire, etc.)
  • Images that we deem provocative, sexual, violent, indecent or otherwise offensive

Products that may cause addiction

  • Alcohol
  • Tobacco products
  • Gambling
  • Medication, drugs

Opinions, beliefs or violence

  • Discriminatory or racist images
  • Any depiction of illegal or antisocial behaviour
  • Images depicting political groups
  • Religious images
  • Weapons or ammunition
  • Morbid images (skulls, etc.)

Personal information

  • Phone numbers
  • Addresses (including email addresses)
  • Account numbers or personal identification numbers (PIN)

Desjardins reserves the right to refuse:

  • any image deemed unacceptable, no matter the reason
  • access to the My Look personalization service to anyone who submits multiple requests that do not meet the above-mentioned criteria

Examples of photos you can use:

  • You
  • Your spouse/family members/friends
  • Pets
  • Landscape, nature, flowers
  • Your bike/car/boat/motorcycle
  • Designs
  • Food

You may also use the image bank

Choose among a large selection of images.

As a proud fan and promoter of local talent, Desjardins has partnered with Quebec artisits PONY, Pierre-Nicolas Riou and Vincent Tourigny to offer you exclusive Student Cash Back Visa card designs.

Preview designs

  1. No fee is charged for the first personalization. Except for a card reissue, a $5 fee shall apply to replace a personalized card with another personalized card bearing another image. The cardholder shall be notified of the reissue time on his/her monthly account statement. No fee is charged to replace a personalized card by a non-personalized card.