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Cash advance on a credit card

You can get cash advances on your Desjardins credit card at the ATM or on AccèsD.

What is a cash advance?

A cash advance is a quick way for you to borrow money using your credit card.

Bear in mind that cash advances cost you more, so you should only use them to pay for unexpected expenses.

Good to know

  • You'll be charged interest as soon as you take out the cash advance. In contrast, when you make purchases with your credit card, you have a minimum interest-free grace period of 21 days.
  • You don't earn BONUS­DOLLARS® rewards or cash back on cash advances.

Depending on your situation and needs, other types of financing might be better for you, such as a personal loan or a line of credit.

Want to discuss your options? Schedule an appointment with an advisor at 1-800-224-7737 Phone number to make an appointment with an advisor. This link opens your phone app. (1-800-CAISSES).

How do cash advances work?

If you have a credit card, you can get a cash advance at the ATM or by transferring money from your credit card account on AccèsD.

Maximum cash advance amount

  • Up to $5,000 1  a day for the Flexi Visa*, Bonus Visa*, Odyssey® Gold Visa*, Odyssey® World Elite® Mastercard®, Cash Back World Elite® Mastercard® and Odyssey® Visa Infinite Privilege* cards
  • Up to $2,500 1  a day for the Cash Back Visa* and Cash Back Mastercard® cards
  • Up to $2,500 1 a day for the U.S. Visa* card

Interest rate

Your credit card has 2 different interest rates: a rate on purchases and a rate on cash advances.

The interest rate on cash advances applies no matter how you get your cash advance.

Since there is no interest-free grace period, the faster you pay off your cash advance, the less interest you pay.

Interest rate per credit card for cash advances

Credit card Annual interest rate
Flexi Visa* 12.9% 2
Cash Back Visa* 21.9%
Cash Back Mastercard® 21.9%
Bonus Visa* 21.9%
Cash Back World Elite® Mastercard® 21.9%
Odyssey® Gold Visa* 21.9%
Odyssey® World Elite® Mastercard® 21.9%
Odyssey® Visa Infinite Privilege* 12.9% 2
U.S. Visa* 19.4%

Currency conversion fees

For cash advances in a foreign currency, a conversion fee of 2.5% is added to the daily exchange rate.

How to get a cash advance

At the ATM

With your credit card

Enter your credit card personal identification number (PIN) at ATMs affiliated with the Visa, Mastercard, Cirrus, Interac® and PLUS* networks. Follow the instructions.

With your debit card

At the ATM, select Withdrawal and then Credit and prepaid cards. Follow the instructions.

To disable the cash advance feature on your credit card, call us at 1-800-CAISSES  Phone no. to make an appointment with an advisor. This link will launch your default phone software (1-800-224-7737).

On AccèsD

Transfer funds from your credit card account to your everyday account.

On AccèsD, select Transfers, then Transfers between accounts. Follow the instructions.

Manage your credit and finances responsibly

Pay your credit card balance every month

If you can't clear the balance, make at least the minimum payment. It's important to avoid late payments and honour your credit card agreement.

Think about how using credit impacts your credit score

Making your payments on time and within the terms is a good habit to have. It can significantly impact your ability to get financing for an important project, such as the purchase of a home or vehicle.

Set money aside for a rainy day

The goal is to save up at least 3 months of income. For example, if your annual income after taxes and deductions is $30,000, you should try to save about $7,500 in your emergency fund. It's important to save regularly, even if it’s only a small amount.


Is the cash advance feature activated by default on all credit cards?

Yes, if you make your minimum credit card payments on time and have enough credit available. You have to call us to deactivate it.

Montreal area: 514-397-4415 Phone number of the card services customer service for the Montreal area. This link will launch your default phone software.

Elsewhere in Canada and the US: 1-800-363-3380 Phone number of the card services customer service for Canada and the US. This link will launch your default phone software.

We can remove this feature if you've made late payments during the past year or if your credit file shows a high debt ratio.

Can I transfer funds from my Desjardins credit card to my account at the caisse or credit union?

If you're a caisse or credit union member and an AccèsD or Desjardins mobile services app user, you can make cash advances online or on your mobile app.

Online on AccèsD

  1. Log in to AccèsD.
  2. Select Transfers in the right-hand menu, then Transfer between accounts.
  3. Select From for your credit card and To for your everyday account.
  4. Enter the amount in the Amount field.
  5. Select OK.
  6. Check the transaction and select Confirm.

In the mobile app

  1. Log in to the Desjardins mobile services app.
  2. Tap Transfers at the bottom of the screen and then Transfers between accounts.
  3. Select your credit card as the source account.
  4. Tap To to select the destination account, and then select your everyday account.
  5. Enter the amount in the Amount field.
  6. Select the frequency of the transfer.
  7. Tap OK.
  8. Check the transaction and tap Confirm.
Why can I use my Desjardins credit card to pay for purchases but not to make cash advances?

We turn off the cash advance feature if you've made late payments over the past year or if your credit file indicates a low level of financial capacity.

You could be allowed to make cash advances again if you make your payments by the due date indicated on your monthly statements and stay within your credit limit.

How can I pay off a cash advance?

You can pay off your cash advance on AccèsD or at your caisse or credit union, the same way you pay off your credit card balance.

Your credit card payments are applied to your balance in a specific order. So you may have to pay off other transactions first, before your cash advance.

Find out in what order credit payments are applied

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BONUSDOLLARS ® is a registered trademark of the Fédération des caisses Desjardins du Québec. Odyssey ® is a registered trademark of the Fédération des caisses Desjardins du Québec. Mastercard ® and World Elite ® are registered trademarks, and the circles design is a trademark of Mastercard International Incorporated. Interac® is a registered trademark of Interac Corp., used under licence. * Trademark of Visa International Service Association and used under licence. Subject to credit approval. Maximum amount depends on your credit limit. Cash advance interest starts to accrue on the transaction date. If you don't make the minimum payment by the due date, the annual interest rates on purchases and cash advances will increase to 19.9% until we receive your payment.