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Credit card

Odyssey World Elite Mastercard

Credit card with generous rewards and travel perks

Eligibility: minimum annual income of $80,000 (personal) or $150,000 (household) 1

Interest rate


Annual fee

$130 2

Rewards program

Up to 3% of your purchases in BONUS­DOLLARS 3

Travel insurance

Comprehensive, up to 60 days

Get up to 3% of your purchases in rewards

The percentage you get depends on the purchase category. 3 , 4


of your purchases


of your purchases


of your purchases

Alternative transportation

of your purchases

Other purchases

of your purchases


If you spend $700 a month on groceries, you earn 21 BONUSDOLLARS® every month ($700 x 3% of your purchases). That's a total of 252 BONUSDOLLARS a year for that category. You can then redeem your BONUSDOLLARS for gift cards or other products and services.

1 BONUSDOLLARS earned = $1 you can redeem

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Benefits of the Odyssey® World Elite® Mastercard®


Compre­hensive travel insurance

Get comprehensive travel insurance for you and your family 5 for up to 60 consecutive days, no matter how many trips you take during the year.

Your grandchildren are also eligible for complimentary intergenerational coverage when travelling with you.

What's included
  • Emergency healthcare coverage
    • Up to $5 million per person 6
    • Up to 60 days, depending on your age
  • Trip cancellation coverage
    • Up to $2,500 per person if the trip is cancelled before departure
    • Unlimited coverage if the trip is cancelled after departure
    • You need to pay for your ticket with your credit card to get this coverage
  • Baggage coverage
    • Up to $1,000 per person if your baggage is lost or damaged by a common carrier or if it's stolen
    • Up to $500 per person if baggage is delayed for more than 6 hours
    • Up to 60 days, depending on your age
  • Travel assistance: 24/7, anywhere in the world
Help in case of emergency when travelling
Learn more about this insurance

The summary includes key information on your travel insurance. The insurance policy includes all conditions and exclusions to do with your travel insurance. Pay close attention to the exclusion for injuries or unstable medical conditions.

Lounge access at Montréal-Trudeau Airport

Relax in the Desjardins Odyssey Lounge at Montréal-Trudeau Airport while you wait for your flight.

Get 8 free passes a year for all the cards on the account when you show your Odyssey World Elite Mastercard. Enjoy unlimited beverages and snacks, newspapers and magazines, and free Wi-Fi.

Perks to elevate your travel experience

Car rental

Discounts at Hertz®, Thrifty® and Dollar®

Get up to 25% off and several other advantages when you use your Desjardins credit card to rent a car at Hertz, Thrifty, and Dollar.

  • Up to 25% off the rental rate 9
  • No young drivers surcharge 10
  • No fee for additional drivers 11
  • Automatic eligibility for Five Star® status with the Hertz Gold Plus® Rewards program
  • 20% off the Prestige collection (US and Europe)
  • 25% off a GPS unit
  • Reduced Loss Damage Waiver 10
Thrifty and Dollar
  • Up to 10% off the rental rate 9
  • No young drivers surcharge 10
  • No fee for additional drivers 11

Auto rental collision and loss damage insurance

This insurance covers you for up to 48 consecutive days in the event your rental car is damaged or stolen when you pay for the total cost of the rental with your card. 12

Mobile device and purchase protection

Mobile device insurance

Get up to $1,500 to cover the loss, theft, accidental damage or mechanical failure of mobile devices purchased with this card. 12

2 ways to get this coverage
  • Use your credit card to pay for your mobile device.
  • Use your credit card to pay any upfront costs and all monthly wireless bill payments if funding the cost through a wireless plan.
Information and claims
Learn more about this coverage

The product summary describes your insurance coverage. Review the insurance certificate for your card to learn about all the terms and conditions of your coverage and how you can benefit.

Purchase protection and extended warranty

Purchase protection and extended warranty provide better protection for the eligible items you purchase with your credit card. 12

Purchase protection

Purchase protection covers eligible items purchased with your card in the event of loss or damage for 120 days from the purchase date. 12

Read the Certificate of Insurance to learn all about this coverage.

Extended warranty

An extended warranty automatically doubles the original manufacturer's warranty for up to 2 additional years on most items purchased with your card. 12

Read the Certificate of Insurance to learn all about this coverage.

Information and claims
Learn more about purchase protection and the extended warranty

The product summary describes your insurance coverage. Review the insurance certificate for your card to learn about all the terms and conditions of your coverage and how you can benefit.

Financing and cash advances

Good to know

When you take out a cash advance, you're charged interest right away. In contrast, when you make purchases with your credit card, you have an interest-free grace period of 21 days from the date the statement is issued.

Additional features and options

  • Additional card: no annual fee for Desjardins members, $40 a year for non-members 14
  • 21-day grace period to pay off your balance without incurring interest, except on cash advances 2
  • Overdraft transfer so you can cover transactions that exceed your account balance using an automatic cash advance from your credit card
  • Credit Balance Insurance to help you pay off your credit card if you become critically ill or disabled
  • Mobile payment so you can pay with your Android or Apple device

Fraud protection

Apply for the Odyssey World Elite Mastercard


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Useful information

The annual fee and fixed annual interest rate are subject to change with 30 days' notice. Emergency Health Care, Baggage and Trip Cancellation coverages are underwritten by Desjardins Financial Security Life Assurance Company. An insurance policy specifying all terms and conditions will be provided upon enrolment for the card. If you'll be taking a longer trip, you must take out extended coverage with the same insurer to get your free days of coverage. Some conditions and restrictions apply. BONUSDOLLARS ® is a registered trademark of the Fédération des caisses Desjardins du Québec. Odyssey ® is a registered trademark of the Fédération des caisses Desjardins du Québec. Mastercard ® and World Elite ® are registered trademarks, and the circles design is a trademark of Mastercard International Incorporated. Boingo ®, Boingo Wireless ®, Boingo Wi-Finder ® and the Boingo Wireless Logo are registered trademarks of Boingo Wireless, Inc. Mastercard Travel Rewards TM is a registered trademark, and the circles design is a trademark of Mastercard International Incorporated. Hertz ® is a registered trademark of Hertz System, Inc., used under licence. © 2018 Hertz System, Inc. Dollar ® and Thrifty ® are registered trademarks of DTG Operations, Inc. Used under licence. © 2018 DTG Operations, Inc. Five Star ® status and the Hertz Gold Plus Rewards ® are registered trademarks of Hertz System, Inc., used under licence. © 2018 Hertz System, Inc. * Trademark of Visa International Service Association and used under licence. You're also eligible if the value of your assets under management is more than $400,000. Examples of assets to include: RRSPs, TFSAs, bank accounts, investments, cottages and rental properties. Examples of assets to exclude: Cars, boats, artwork and primary residence.
You have 21 days from the date the monthly statement is issued to pay the full balance on your account without interest, except on cash advances. The minimum payment is 5% of the following: your outstanding balance, interest on purchases, monthly installments that were not paid by the due date for the previous period, regular purchases and cash advances from the current statement period, plus interest on cash advances. This amount will also include any other amounts due under your credit card contract. Here are some examples of applicable interest for a 30-day billing cycle: If the regular annual interest rate is 19.9% and your average daily outstanding balance is $100, you'd be charged $1.64 in interest. If it's $500, you'd be charged $8.18 in interest, and if it's $1,000 you'd be charged $16.36 in interest. BONUSDOLLARS are calculated as a percentage of the purchases made with the card. Merchandise returns, cash advances, equal payment cash advances, RRSP cash advances, promotional and regular cheques, in-store Accord D financing, interest charges, purchases of foreign currency, electronic funds transfers, money orders and any type of purchase made in a casino do not earn BONUSDOLLARS. To earn the rate in each category, eligible purchases must be made with merchants assigned to that category. Categories are assigned based on merchant category codes (MCC) set by the Visa and Mastercard payment networks. The payment networks assign each merchant to one MCC, even if they offer a variety of products and services. For example, gas stations, grocery stores and drug stores all sell several different products, but all purchases from these merchants—regardless of the type of product—are always categorized under the merchant's MCC. Desjardins doesn't control the merchant categories that Visa and Mastercard set. Depending on the card, earning categories may include: 1) Travel: airlines, airports, car rental companies, hotels/motels and resorts, passenger railways, cruise lines, travel agencies, timeshares, trailer parks and campgrounds, etc. (codes 3000 to 4000, 4112, 4411, 4511, 4582, 4722, 4723, 5962, 7011, 7012, 7033, 7512, 7519); 2) Alternative transportation: commuter passenger transportation (local and suburban), taxis, limousines, buses and public charging stations (codes 4111, 4131, 4121, 4789, 5552); 3) Entertainment: theatrical productions, ticket agencies, bands (concerts), orchestras, tourist attractions and exhibits, movie theatres, amusement parks, carnivals, circuses, zoos, aquariums, sporting events, etc. (codes 7922, 7929, 7991, 7832, 7996, 7998, 7941); 4) Restaurants: restaurants, including fast-food restaurants (codes 5812, 5814); 5) Groceries: grocery stores, supermarkets, butchers, frozen food retailers, fish sellers, bakeries, convenience stores and miscellaneous food stores (codes 5411, 5422, 5462, 5499). Desjardins cannot guarantee the category set for each merchant or that the merchant you purchase from has the eligible MCC. Desjardins can only award rewards or cash back on eligible purchases based on the merchant's MCC. Rewards and cash back earned are subject to certain conditions. Coverage applies to cardholders, their spouse and dependent children. This coverage is offered by Desjardins Financial Security and applies to people ages 75 and under. A fee of US$32 per person per visit applies. Fees are subject to change. Other terms, conditions and exclusions may apply. Conditions apply. Boingo services are provided by Boingo Wireless, Inc. Discount applies only to base rate (time and distance travelled). All taxes, tax reimbursement, surcharges and optional service charges, such as refueling, as well as all other charges, are not included. Offer subject to change or termination at any time without notice. Conditions and restrictions apply.
Waived underage fee and reduced loss damage waiver benefits available at participating locations in Canada and the US only.
Additional driver must meet standard age, driver and credit qualifications. Insurance coverage is underwritten by American Bankers Insurance Company of Florida (ABIC). ABIC, its subsidiaries, and affiliates carry on business in Canada under the name of Assurant ®. Assurant ® is a registered trademark of Assurant Inc. Details of your insurance coverage, including definitions, benefits, limitations, and exclusions, are in the Certificate of Insurance provided with your card.
Subject to credit approval. Maximum amount depends on your credit limit. Cash advance interest starts to accrue on the transaction date. Eligibility requirements: Must have an eligible account. The primary cardholder must be a member of a caisse affiliated with the Fédération des caisses Desjardins du Québec or the Caisse Desjardins Ontario Credit Union Inc. Non-members have to pay for additional cards: $30 for the Odyssey Gold Visa and Cash Back World Elite Mastercard, $40 for the Odyssey World Elite Mastercard and $95 for the Odyssey Visa Infinite Privilege.