Pay rent and child care fees

We've prepared a leaflet to help you approach clients and tenants about money transfers.

Before letting your tenants or clients know about money transfers and how easy they make paying rent or day care fees, make sure you're registered for AccèsD. That way, youll have easy access to your accounts and the payments made to them.

Then follow these 3 steps


Determine which of your clients are likely candidates

Make sure you only propose money transfers to people who:

  • you trust (avoid offering the service to people who have had problems paying you in the past)
  • pay with Desjardins cheques or have an account in a Desjardins caisse or at Desjardins Credit Union


Fill out the appropriate leaflets

For home day care centres (PDF, 136 KB)
For owners of rental properties of four units or less (PDF, 136 KB)

Print it out and fill out the section on the right. You'll find the information you need at the bottom of your cheques.

Specimen cheque


Give the leaflets to tenants or clients

Now you can give the leaflets to eligible tenants and clients to encourage them to pay you by way of money transfers.

To use AccèsD
You must be a Desjardins caisse member or have a Desjardins credit card.

Not registered yet?
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