Insuring your home: That's thinking ahead!

You say you have very few items of value so you don't think it's worth it to buy insurance for your home?

Here are a few practical bits of information that will show you the advantages of having home insurance.

  • In addition to offering you protection for your belongings, a home insurance policy also provides civil liability coverage.
  • That can help you avoid a lot of problems since you'll be protected against possible damage claims for which you may be accidentally at fault.

An example? Let's say you forget to turn off the taps of your bathtub and it overflows into your downstairs neighbour's place. Luckily, your home insurance policy covers you against lawsuits for damages for which you're liable and for which you could unintentionally be at fault.

Full-time students living in apartments may also be covered by their parents' home insurance at no additional charge, under certain conditions.

You carry a laptop computer to do your work on campus?
Tenant home insurance contracts cover moveable property that you temporarily take outside the home, such as a laptop for instance, up to a certain amount.

Your first apartment: 3 useful tips

Do you have home insurance? It is highly recommended that you make a list of all your belongings.

  1. You should do this regularly to determine if your insurance needs have changed. You can then contact your insurance agent and make sure your coverage and insurance amounts are sufficient.
  2. To help make the claim process faster and easier on you, be proactive! In addition to preparing an inventory of your property and keeping it in a safe place, make sure you keep your receipts, your instruction manuals, photos of your belongings, etc.
  3. If anything does happen, contact the police and notify your insurer as soon as possible.

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