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Fees for international services

Transactions Fee
Purchase/sale of foreign currencies other than USD
Member $3.50
Non-member $5
Cashing of traveller's cheques no fee
Cashing or depositing cheques, money orders or drafts into a CAD account
Transaction Fee
U.S. funds $2.50
Other currencies $12
USD cheque issued on a CAD account $15
Money orders or drafts
Transaction Fee
Issued in Canadian, U.S. or other currency $7.50
Photocopy as proof of cashing $10 min., $15 max.
Reimbursement or replacement after loss or theft $10 min., $20 max.
Direct deposit in USD from the U.S.
Transaction Fee
Monthly fee US$50
Administrative fee US$1/deposit
Funds transfers
Transaction Fee
Receipt1 $15 (CDN $ or US $)
Investigation1 $25 min.
Sent to Canada1 2
At the counter $2 min., $50 max.
Online on AccèsD Affaires $0.95 min., $45 max
Sent abroad2
At the counter $5 min., $80 max
Online on AccèsD Affaires $5 min., $75 max
At the counter $2
Online on AccèsD Affaires $0.95
Transaction Fee
Clean item (cheque, letter of exchange and instrument) (outbound: item worth over C$100) $30 min., $200 max
Documentary item $60 min., $275 max
Returned item $50
Desjardins factoring (purchase and credit)
Fee depends on commercial and political risks involved
U.S. lockbox
Transaction Fee
Monthly rental fee US$100
Processing per item US$1
Returned cheque US$15
Returned cheque notice US$2
Photocopying charges US$0.18
U.S. Commercial Account (in USD)
Transaction Fee
Desjardins Bank
Charge to open file $50
Business chequing account
Monthly management fee US$12 if min. daily balance < US$5,000
Per transaction fee US$0.13/debit
US$0.09/credit or deposit
Clearing (per item) US$0.90
Overdraft US$30
Business money market chequing account
Monthly management fee US$25 if min. daily balance < US$15,000
Overdraft US$30
Controlled disbursement – cheques and direct deposits
Monthly management fee US$50
Clearing (per item) $1
Stop payment (single or cheque series) $30 (plus banking fee if applicable)
NSF cheque $30
Irregular cheque US$5
Provided upon request
Documentary letter of credit
Transaction Fee
Issuance $125 min.
Commission on drawings Between 0.375% and 0.75%,
depending on the term
$75 min.
Amendment $75
Unused or cancelled credit $60 min., $275 max.
Discharge, indemnity, release of goods $50
Consultation $100/hr
Mail Variable, $25 min.
Telecommunication Variable, $25 min.
Miscellaneous fees Variable
Advising $75
Payment and negotiation commission Highest of 0.125%
or $75
Amendment $75
Confirmation Variable
Unused or cancelled credit $50 min.
Draft acceptance at term Highest of 0.125%/30 days
or $60
Assignment of proceeds 0.125% ($150 min.)
Pre-advice $25
Documents with discrepancies $50
Transfer Highest of 0.25% or $225
Reimbursement fee $100
Consultation $100/hr
Mail Variable, $25 min.
Telecommunication Variable, $25 min.
Inter-caisse payment $15
Letter of guarantee and standby letter of credit
Transaction Fee
Issuance $125 minimum
Commission Between 0.5% to 2.5% ($100 min.)
Amendment $75
Consultation $100/hr
Advising $75
Consultation $100/hr
Confirmation Variable
Amendment $75
  1. Plus correspondent fees, if any. Fees based on the currency of the account credited.
  2. Fees based on the currency of the account.