Payroll and staff management solutions

Payroll and staff management solutions

Join the 38,000 businesses that trust us to manage their payroll. Enjoy personalized service, robust and innovative solutions, sound management of source deductions and our extensive expertise.

Payroll management

With our simplified and automated payroll solution and the support of over 400 specialists, you may no longer require a full-time employee for payroll processing.

Your employees will be able to view their pay stubs, time banks, employee directory and more using a mobile app. Our solution adapts to each organization's business context and complies with Canadian regulatory requirements.

Our solution adjusts to the business context of each organization and complies with Canadian regulatory requirements.

Main components

Simplify your processes and automate recurring tasks.

  • Gross-to-net payroll processing at the pay frequency you choose
  • Direct deposit into employees’ accounts at any financial institution or payment by cheque

Avoid delays and penalties through careful management of your remittances.

  • Source deductions and management of remittances to various agencies, including employment insurance, Quebec Pension Plan and personal income tax agencies

Get the help you need with issuing tax slips and closing out your year.

  • Federal and provincial tax slips (T4, T4A and Relevé 1)
  • Government year-end summaries (federal only)
  • Training and support during year-end activities

Lighten your administrative workload.

  • Payroll simulator
  • Customized screens to meet your needs
  • Assistance with mass modifications

Offer for accounting firms: maximize your payroll management services!

Build customer loyalty and make things easy without investing in costly systems with our flexible and high-performance payroll management solution.

Choose the option that best suits your clients' needs.

Use our solution to manage your client's payroll.

  • Keep working closely with your clients.
  • Access all payroll management data and reports.
  • Benefit from our support and expertise.

Refer your clients to our payroll processing and delivery service.

  • Direct them to a trusted payroll processor that offers them the best solution for their needs.
  • Get reports on all their payroll activities.
  • Get a reduced rate.

For larger businesses with more advanced needs, additional features may be added.

Estimate the cost of using our payroll management solutions

What's included:

  • Pay processing, from gross to net, according to your payroll schedule
  • Direct deposit into employee bank accounts
  • Government remittances
  • Standard reports
  • Telephone and email support
  • Unbeatable customer service

HR management

Use our human resources information system (HRIS) to roll out your digital shift and optimize your HR processes. It automates and simplifies various processes to help you handle your employee management activities. It's designed to support your corporate culture and lets you benefit from the high security standards of a financial institution.

  • Streamline HR tasks using workflows for onboarding, employee files, scheduling and more.
  • Use electronic sharing, uploading and e-signature to improve the exchange and storage of employee and company documents.
  • Keep track of your HR data using dashboards and reports so you can make informed decisions.

Time and attendance management

Time management options simplify the way you track, approve and schedule employees’ hours.

3 options available

  • Electronic time sheets Let employees track their own time and have supervisors approve it.
  • Time clock Automate employee time and attendance tracking.
  • Scheduling Quickly create schedules and distribute them instantly.

Self-service and mobile features

  • Enable your employees to access their personal information (pay stubs, tax slips, time banks and leave requests, employee directory, etc.) online or on the mobile app.
  • Post messages and upload documents for all your employees or a specific person.

Optional management tools

General ledger interface

Transfer payroll entries to your accounting system electronically.

Customized reports

Generate your own customized reports or use and edit standard options.

Group insurance plan management module

Automate benefit calculations for your group insurance plan. Simulate coverage changes so that you can easily answer your employees’ questions.

Customer support

Enjoy the support and expertise of over 400 specialists.

  • Answers to your technical and regulatory questions
  • Professional support at every step of the payroll process throughout the year
  • Free training when you sign up
  • Annual training calendar
  • Regular communications and technical information bulletins
  • Help with your year-end process

Employee wellness solutions

We do everything we can to help you be an employer of choice.

Learn more about employee wellness management

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