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Transaction codes and what they mean

Find out what the different transaction codes mean.

Transaction code list and definitions

Refer to the definitions list of the 3-letter transaction codes you may find in your ATM and account statements. If you make a transaction at a caisse you're not a member of (inter-caisses), an "I" shows up before the code.

 Transaction codes and what they mean in alphabetical order
Transaction code Definition
ACB AccèsD bill payment
ACC Line of credit administration charge correction
ACP Line of credit payment on the phone with AccèsD
ACT Transfer between accounts
ADM Service charges
ARC Pre-authorized payment correction
ATC ATM withdrawal correction
ATD ATM deposit
ATI Payment of a bill or money transfer to a credit card account
ATL Display 10 most recent ATM transactions
ATP ATM line of credit payment
ATQ Fast cash ATM withdrawal
ATT Transfer at a Desjardins ATM
ATW ATM withdrawal
AV Loan disbursement
BNU Bonus: Desjardins BONUSDOLLARS rebate
CAM Account maintenance charges
CAN Purchase correction or refund correction cancellation
CC Certified cheque
CCB Bill payment at the counter (with fee)
CCQ Cheque
CCR Deposit through clearing
CEQ Merchant equipment rental charges
CFT Funds transfer charges
CGF Business line of credit guarantee administration charges
CGR Merchandise return credit
CHG Canadian exchange rate on foreign ATM transaction
CHI Life insurance premium on Everyday Transaction Account
CHQ Cheque
CIL Capitalized interest on loan
CLS Closing of account
CLX Irregular loan or line of credit closing
CMA Business line of credit administration charges
CNL NSF loan charges
CNS NSF cheque charges
COP Loan or line of credit file - opening charges
CR Miscellaneous in-caisse deposit
CRC Correction for in-caisse deposit
CRL Loan or line of credit renewal charges
CRN Returned item charges
CSC Complementary service charges
CTX Merchant transaction charges
DAB Bill payment made through an AccèsD Services advisor
DCA CAPSS insurance reimbursement for health care expenses
DCC Merchant credit card transaction deposit
DCH Member dividends on administrative charges
DDC Direct deposit correction
DET Deposit - transfer from other institution
DIC Direct deposit correction
DIR Direct deposit
DIV Member dividends on social capital
DMD Desjardins mobile deposit
DPC Deposit prepaid purchase card
DPD Merchant direct payment deposit
DR Miscellaneous in-caisse withdrawal
DRC Correction for in-caisse withdrawal
DTV Deposit - overdraft transfer from credit card
DW Preauthorized payment
DWC Direct withdrawal correction
DWT Direct withdrawal - Transfer (e.g., investment)
EDI EDI payroll payment
FIX Fixed service charges
FWD Deposit carried forward
GFC Line of credit guarantee monitoring charge correction
GST Federal sales tax on merchant equipment rental
HS Payroll deduction
HSA Payroll deduction
HSC Payroll deduction correction
IDD Direct deposit
IDF Direct deposit
IFT International funds transfer
INC Interest correction
INT Interest on Everyday Transaction Account
IPS Interest permanent or capital shares
LCD Deposit from line of credit
MCD Mobile cheque deposit
MEQ Direct Deposit from the Ministère de l'éducation du Québec
NBD Deposit at the counter
NCB Bill payment at the counter (no fee)
ODC Overdraft interest charges
OLD Direct deposit
OPN Opening of account
PAP Preauthorized purchase
PAW Preauthorized withdrawal (ex: investments)
PMT Loan payment at the counter
PRC Desjardins Prepaid Rechargeable Card
PRT Provincial sales tax on merchant equipment rental
PPC Personalized bill payment correction
PUR Purchase
PWL Purchase with withdrawal
RAE Student advance repayment
REB Member dividends on savings and loans
REC Principal payment on line of credit (counter, ATM or AccèsD)
RIC Principal and interest payment on line of credit (counter, ATM or AccèsD)
RRC Principal and interest payment in arrears
RSI Life insurance premium on Regular Savings Account
RTN Returned cheque
RTR Reset transfer - Fédération des caisses Desjardins du Québec account
SAL Salary
SAT Shared ATM transfer
SCD ATM withdrawal (ATM of another institution)
SCH Special cheque from line of credit
SCI Life insurance premium on social capital
SEM Multiproject Option service charges
SHI Interest on social capital
SL Direct deposit
SLC Direct deposit correction
SSI Interest on surplus shares
SVI Interest on Regular Savings Account
TAL Automatic loan or line of credit payment
TAM Transfer of matured term savings account
TAP Periodic transfer to or from term savings account
TDA Transfer between accounts through an AccèsD Services advisor
TDI Interest on term savings account
TF Transfer between folios
TFC Inter-Caisse or inter-institution transfer
TFF Transfer between folios
TFI Inter-Caisse or inter-institution transfer
TIC Inter-currency transfer
TMO Manual transfer at the counter
TR Automatic transfer within same folio
TSI Life insurance premium on term savings account
TTP Transfer - Retirement products
TTR Transfer between accounts in same folio at the counter
WBT Transfer to Desjardins folio from other institution
WD Withdrawal at the counter
WDT Withdrawal - Money transfer to credit card
WGC CAN-ACT government remittance
WGT GST-QST government remittance
WIT Transfer to or from Build-Up Savings Account
WMT Withdrawal - Money transfer to folio
WMT Deposit - Money transfer
WMT Withdrawal - Interac e-Transfer® transfer
WMT Deposit - Interac e-Transfer transfer
WNT Sending Interac e-Transfers
WRT Accepting Interac e-Transfers
WPP Personalized Bill Payment
WPT Transfer from line of credit to Everyday Transaction Account
WVD Money transfer from credit card
WWB Bill payment
WWG Government remittance
WWP Line of credit payment online on AccèsD
WWT Transfer or cash advance
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