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Agricultural line of credit

Conventional and revolving credit agreement
Transactions Fee
File analysis and setup1
Line of credit up to $250,000 1/2% of authorized amount
$225 min.
Line of credit of $250,001 to $1 million 1/2% of authorized amount
1/4% min.
Line of credit over $1 milliion 1/2% of authorized amount.
min.: higher of 1/10% of authorized amount or $2,500.
Annual renewal $1/4% of authorized amount
$175 min.
Monthly management fee up to $125 based on authorized amount
Conventional line of credit and investment line of credit without repayment terms and conditions -
Financière agricole du Québec (FADQ)
Transactions Fee
File analysis and setup 1/4% of authorized amount
$100 min
Annual renewal 1/4% of authorized amount
General fee
Transactions Fee
Increase during year 1/4% of authorized amount
$125 min. (conventional)
no FADQ min.
Taking of security interest
Movable hypothec agreement or general security agreement and/or security agreement $150/contract plus incurred expenses
Immovable hypothec agreement incurred expenses
Monitoring of security interest
Monthly monitoring of accounts receivables $25 to $50/follow-up
Monitoring of inventories $25 to $50/follow-up
Additional supervision of file from $50/month
FADQ: $25/follow-up
Release $50 plus incurred expenses (no fee if the loan is due)
Discharge incurred expenses
Cancellation of movable hypothec affecting all debts incurred expenses
Domestic letter of guarantee $150 min.
0.5% to 2.5% max.
  1. May be up to 1% for more complex files.