Monthly account statements

To help you keep a handle on your spending, take advantage of free online monthly account statements.

Your monthly statement lists all of your transactions for the month:

  • Deposits
  • Withdrawals
  • Transfers
  • Direct payment purchases

At a single glance, you can see exactly where you're at, financially speaking!

And, it's free!


  • It costs nothing.
  • Available the first of the month on AccèsD.
  • They can be viewed at any time and from anywhere on AccèsD.
  • You help reduce the use of paper and contribute to the health of the planet.
  • You can save it to your hard drive or print it out.
  • You can download it in a variety of formats, and then import it into text processing software, a spreadsheet or a database.

Monthly online statements of account available on AccèsD contain roughly the same information as the paper statements you get in the mail each month, but they're more flexible.

Note: Printed statements are mailed to members who request it.

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  • have a debit card (Desjardins Access Card)

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