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Enjoying your retirement

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A worry-free retirement is a dream we all share.

A worry-free retirement is a dream we all share. Watch the "Retirement: How to save enough to meet my needs" video.

Your needs

Manage your assets upon retirement

Choose the retirement income plan that works for you.

Paying less taxes

Even at retirement, there's still ways to lighten your tax bill

Successful retirement

Advice on planning your retirement

Protecting yourself and your wealth

Don't let an unfortunate incident ruin what you've worked for

Planning your estate

Prepare a smooth and painless transition


Products and services every traveller needs

Use technology (Internet, ATMs, phone)

Make the most of technology

Protect yourself against fraud

Make transactions securely

Access our services despite a disability

Desjardins's ongoing commitment to accessibility

Get information and advice

Websites of seniors associations and groups

Our products

Savings and investment

Regular Income Term Savings – For TFSAs and non-registered plans

Withdrawals allowed

Zenitude Guaranteed Portfolio with Income Option – Smart diversification for stable income

Stable and predictable monthly income for an enjoyable retirement

Melodia portfolios – All-in-one solution for investing across different asset classes

Flexible income options : Customized income and T-Class*

*Offered as of February 2014

Chorus II portfolios – Multiple retirement income options

Initial investment of $100,000

Cards, loans and credit

Investor STRATEGIC Line of Credit – Minimum $25,000

For seasoned investors with high risk tolerance

Versatile Line of Credit – For owner-occupants

Mortgage-secured, minimum $25,000 line of credit

Accord D financing – Up to $50,000

Available for your Desjardins card


Permanent life insurance – Fixed cost, tax-free

Lifetime coverage, no matter what happens to your health

Long-term care insurance – Stay in your own home as long as possible

Up to $10,000 per month, with no need to submit receipts

Universal life insurance – Coverage and tax savings

Savings portion: investment income is tax free

Travel Insurance – Hassle-free travelling

Healthcare and accident coverage while travelling outside your home province

Accounts and services

Desjardins Merit Service – For members age 60 and over

Discounts on regular service charges

TFSA Savings Account – No minimum required

Non-taxable interest and withdrawals

High-Yield Account – If you keep a high balance

Chequing account with better interest rates

High Interest S@vings Account

Available only on AccèsD Internet and mobile

Enhanced Investment Account – No fees

Deposits, withdrawals and transfers of at least $5,000