Desjardins has the tools you can't live without, whether you are a world-traveller or a snowbird who lives in the U.S. a few months out of the year.

Before you go: the tools you need


A precaution well worth the price! To find out more, see Travel Insurance.


Learn about the privileges that come with credit cards.

Traveller's cheques

Easy to use, easy to replace. Get traveller's cheques.

Pocket money

Have cash handy when you arrive in a foreign country. Read the Travelling section to find out where you can buy and sell foreign currency.

Direct payment

For your purchases in Canada and the U.S. Go to the Desjardins ATM section for information about the Desjardins Access Card (also called debit card).

Learn more
For tips on how to finance your trip, necessary preparations and what you'll need once you get to your destination, see Travelling.