Regular Income Term Savings

Turn your savings into income!

  • Capital 100% guaranteed
  • 1- to 5-year terms
  • 4.65% to 4.00% (fixed interest rate, guaranteed until maturity)
  • Withdraw 1 lump sum per year with no penalty, under certain conditions

Regular Income Term Savings is an income-generating product (interest and return of capital).

It's ideal if you want:

  • predictable income that's guaranteed for a defined period
  • the security and high income of an annuity with the flexibility of an investment that lets you withdraw extra amounts or change the amount of your regular income payments

Interest rate

  • Fixed
  • Guaranteed until maturity

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Eligible plans

  • Registered plans: TFSA
  • Non-registered plans

Minimum deposit


Deposit amount and frequency

  • You choose your amount
  • You can make a change each year
  • You choose your frequency:
    • weekly
    • every 2 weeks
    • monthly
    • quarterly
  • Stable and secure: your capital and interest are guaranteed
  • Predictable
    • Planning your budget is simple when you receive a high income paid on a regular basis
    • Your return of capital is combined with interest payments in a simple solution
  • Competitive: you get an advantageous interest rate, fixed for the duration of the term
  • Flexible: you can choose the payment terms (frequency and amount)

Rate subject to change without notice.