2019 member dividends

2019 member dividends

Important message

To respect physical distancing measures and limit the spread of COVID-19, Desjardins decided that the caisses should hold online special general meetings so that members can vote on dividend payments.

Caisses will be holding online meetings through the end of September, and member dividends will be paid out this fall.

Members will receive more details about how the meetings will work, how they will vote and when the 2019 member dividends will be paid out.

Supporting you is our priority

We've implemented measures to help you in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Learn more about our support measures in response to COVID-19.

Member dividends are our way of recognizing our members' commitment.

What are they?

Member dividends are a reflection of our cooperative difference, and one of the advantages of being a member. They're amounts from caisse and Desjardins Group year-end surplus earnings, paid out to members under certain conditions. These amounts can also be paid into a fund to finance local community projects—giving members the power to make a difference in their community.

Individual member dividends get you even more

Individual member dividends are paid to all members who qualify. There are now 2 kinds to get you even more: the product dividend and volume dividend.

To thank you for entrusting us with your financial needs, we created the product dividend—a flat amount returned to you by your caisse. The maximum amount is $50.

Who's eligible for the product dividend?

Personal members who had at least 1 eligible Desjardins product in each of the 3 following product lines during the year:

  1. Accounts
  2. Cards, loans and credit
  3. Savings and investments
Eligible products
Product line Eligible products
  • Chequing accounts
  • Daily interest accounts
  • Non-registered high-interest savings accounts
  • Non-registered regular savings accounts
  • Prepaid cards
Cards, loans and credit
  • Credit cards
  • Accord D financing
  • Loans
  • Lines of credit
Savings and investments
  • Desjardins Trust guaranteed investment certificates (GICs)
  • Registered high-interest savings accounts
  • Registered regular savings accounts
  • Desjardins Funds
  • Helios guaranteed investment funds
  • Market-linked guaranteed investments
  • Guaranteed fixed-rate investments
  • Desjardins Private Wealth Management products
  • Desjardins Securities and Online Brokerage products
  • Immediate annuities

What's the volume dividend?

The volume dividend is calculated separately for each eligible member—whether an individual or business—in proportion to their use of certain products and services during the year.

Community dividends

These member dividends allow caisses and credit unions to support key initiatives in the community through their Community Development Fund (CDF).

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Your member dividend on AccèsD

See it at a glance

Once it's deposited, you can log in to AccèsD to see your dividend amount. It will be clear and easy to understand.

Personal AccèsD members

From the mobile app home page, log in, then under Quick access tap the My dividend icon.

On AccèsD Internet, the My dividend section is in the right-hand menu of the AccèsD overview page.

Details for your 2019 member dividend will be available on the deposit date.

2019 member dividend deposit date: TBD

You can check the details of your 2018 member dividend.

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  1. You must have been a caisse member during the last fiscal year to be eligible for member dividends.
  2. For a caisse to award member dividends, 2 conditions must be met:

    • Desjardins Group must have the financial capacity to pay member dividends.
    • Members of the caisse must decide that it will distribute member dividends. Members attending the caisse's annual general meeting decide how much will be distributed as member dividends or paid into the Community Development Fund, in accordance with all applicable legal requirements. In Ontario, the board of directors makes these decisions.
  3. If you're a member of more than one caisse, each caisse will pay you its share of the flat amount.
  4. Business members are not eligible.
  5. Conditions may apply. For more information, please contact your caisse.