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Desjardins is partnering with OneSpan to offer e-signature—a safe and legal way to sign your documents from anywhere.

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Discover e-signature: a safe solution that gives you more flexibility. E-signature has the same legal value as a handwritten signature, and it's available to all Desjardins members and clients. Talk with your advisor to see if you can use it.

E-signature is part of the digital shift happening at Desjardins aimed at developing safe and effective solutions for members and clients. It also helps reduce our environmental footprint by requiring less printing.

How does it work?


  • Security

    Choose an authentication method with your advisor: receive a code via text or answer security questions.

  • Documents

    Your advisor prepares the documents you need to sign.


  • Authentication email

    Desjardins sends you an automated email with a link. Click the link to access the secure e-signature site and sign in. Didn't receive the email? Check your spam folder.

  • Signature

    Accept the e-signature consent request to access your documents. Sign them by clicking the button provided.

  • Documents requiring multiple signatures

    Does more than one person need to sign the same document? If so, each person receives a separate email and follows the same steps.


  • Confirmation

    Once your documents are signed, you’ll receive a confirmation email. Did more than one person sign the same document? The confirmation email is only sent once all signatories have signed.

  • Access to documents

    The confirmation email you received contains a link. Click the link to sign in and access your documents on the secure site.

  • Saving

    You can now download and save your documents in your personal files.

Click to sign

The method used to electronically sign your documents. It avoids you having to sign on a touchscreen.

"Accepting" documents

Some documents need to be signed. Others simply need to be "accepted." The "Accept" feature creates a legal record that you have received and read the documents sent by your advisor.

Tip: Download your documents right away

We recommend downloading your signed documents as soon as you receive the confirmation email. Keep them in your files—they're legal records of your consent. You won’t receive any paper copies.

If you haven't downloaded your documents yet, you can still access them as often as you want, for as long as the link in the confirmation email is valid. Every time you access them, you’ll have to sign in.

Desjardins will never ask you to provide confidential or personal information. The only information required is your answers to 2 security questions or the security code received on your mobile device. If the link brings you to a page asking you to enter any information other than the above, forward the email to protection@desjardins.com.

Desjardins follows industry best practices to ensure the security of your personal information during your transactions. The documents exchanged during the e-signature process comply with standards for the security, confidentiality and protection of personal information.

Please read the following guidelines for communicating with Desjardins by email:

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