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The Desjardins mobile services app: choose where, when and how

Log in from your smartphone or tablet with Apple® Touch ID, Face ID, your password or your GoogleTM fingerprint. The app is free1, easy and secure2. Certain features are also available on Apple Watch and Wear OS.

Pay what you owe in 1 click

Pay your bills (phone, electricity, municipal taxes, etc.) in a flash. Pay your personalized suppliers. Make government remittances.

Transfer funds internationally

Transfer funds anywhere in the world, in the currency of your choice.

Deposit cheques wherever you are

Just take a picture of your cheque and deposit it in your account using mobile deposits.

Keep an eye on your finances

Check your business account balances and scheduled transactions at any time. You can even link your personal and business accounts.

Optimize your business management

Authorize transactions pending your approval no matter where you are. Delegate some transactions and approval privileges.

Place a stop payment

With this feature, you can place a stop payment on one or more cheques in Canadian or US currency or on pre-authorized payments in Canadian currency. Works with all your transaction accounts.

Invest your cash holdings

Instantly invest—without an intermediary—in one of our guaranteed fixed-rate products with the Enhanced Investment Business Account.

Learn about currency conversions and exchange rates

Buy or sell foreign currencies at the best possible time.

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Update or download free mobile apps for Apple® and Android™ products.

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® Apple is a registered trademark of Apple Inc.

® Android is a trademark of Google Inc.

  1. There are no additional fees for using Desjardins mobile services. The same fees for AccèsD Internet cover your activity on the AccèsD mobile site, whether you have a fixed monthly plan, or if you pay for each transaction separately. Ask your mobile service provider if you have questions about your data plan.
  2. Desjardins transaction sites optimized for mobile devices that require authentication are secure and offer the same security and protection as full sites, such as data encryption and security questions.