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InstaBalance now available on AccèsD Affaires mobile. Learn more about InstaBalance. Learn more >


Use the Desjardins mobile services app to make your standard transactions anywhere, anytime. Get information on Desjardins products and services, Co-opme and exclusive advantages for members right on your smartphone or tablet.

If you are already registered for AccèsD Affaires, there are no additional fees for using Desjardins mobile services1.

Download free mobile app.

  • Deposit a cheque simply by taking a picture, without having to go to the caisse or ATM.
  • Check your account and credit card balances without having to log on with the InstaBalance feature (Apple® and AndroidTM apps only).
  • Check the balance of your various accounts.
  • Check your recent transactions.
  • Search transactions made over the past 18 months in your various accounts by type and period.
  • Make transfers and pay bills and suppliers.
  • Send funds internationally.
  • Authorize and sign transactions.
  • Manage security codes using email.
  • Open and deposit to an Enhanced Investment Business Account.
  • View, delete and modify pending transactions.
  • Add, modify and delete personalized or standardized service providers.
  • Reset user passwords (primary and secondary administrators only).

Other features

  • Access new content such as tips, help and information on various products and services.
  • Find a caisse, Desjardins Business centre or ATM.
  • Get the phone numbers to reach us.
  • Use the currency converter.
  • Check rates.
  • See Desjardins Member Advantages.

An easily remembered username (usercode or email address) lets you log on more quickly!

The AccèsD mobile site is secure and offers most of the same security features as the standard AccèsD site. It is covered by the Guaranteed 100% Secure program which ensures that you are refunded in the event of online fraud.

Learn more about the Guaranteed 100% Secure program

Thanks to the Apple® Touch ID, Face ID and Android fingerprint unlock features, you can log on to Desjardins mobile services by using your fingerprint or facial recognition instead of your usual username and password.

It's fast, simple and just as secure!

What you need to know

  • For Apple® products: The Touch ID feature can be used on the iPhone 5s and later models, the iPad Pro, iPad Air 2 or iPad mini 3 and later models compatible with iOs 9. Face ID can only be used on the iPhone X.
  • For Android products: The feature can be used on various devices with compatible fingerprint unlock technology, like the Samsung Galaxy S6 and later models, the Nexus 6P and 5X, the Pixel and the LG G5 and later models. For Android 6.0 or later only.
  • Caution: All prints saved on this device can be used to log on to AccèsD Affaires or AccèsD.
  • The feature must be activated on your device in order to be able to use it next time you log on to AccèsD Affaires or AccèsD. Otherwise, you will have to activate it in your device's settings first.
  • If you add or delete a fingerprint in your device's settings once the feature has been activated for Desjardins mobile services, the feature will be automatically deactivated in the app for security purposes. You'll be able to reactivate it the next time you log on to AccèsD Affaires or AccèsD.
  • If you use more than one device, you must activate the feature on each device.

Featured tools

Mobile deposit allows members to deposit a cheque without having to go to the caisse or ATM. It's easy: simply take a picture of your cheque.

How mobile deposits work

  1. You'll find the Mobile deposit feature in the menu of your Desjardins mobile app. If it's not there, call us to activate the service.
  2. You must activate the service and read and agree to the terms of use the first time you use mobile deposit. You can then delegate access to another user.
  3. Take a photo of the front and back of your cheque using your smartphone or tablet.
  4. Enter the amount of the cheque and select the account you wish to deposit to.
  5. The amount deposited will be available immediately in your account.
  6. Repeat for each cheque you wish to deposit.

It's easy, quick and free!

What you need to know

  • Most cheques are eligible for mobile deposits.
  • The cheque must be in Canadian currency and come from a Canadian financial institution.
  • Mobile deposits can be made to personal chequing accounts.
  • When making a mobile deposit, you must keep the original cheque for 10 days before disposing of it securely.
  • Rules applicable to cheque hold periods are the same as those for cheques deposited at the caisse.
  • There are deposit limits:
    • $100,000 per day and $1 million per 28-day period.
  • This feature is free.

Does your business have a high volume of deposits each month? Desjardins offers the remote deposit capture service (with scanner).

With InstaBalance, you get fast and easy access to your chequing accounts, savings accounts, financing products and credit cards to make managing your business easier.

You can use it to:

  • choose up to 4 accounts or credit cards you want to display
  • set minimum and maximum limits and goals to reach in each of the selected accounts. These amounts have no effect on your accounts. They're there to help you monitor your various accounts
  • monitor each selected account in number or graph format

Once you've set up InstaBalance, you'll no longer have to log in to use it. Without entering your password, you can:

  • check the balances of your selected accounts
  • keep a closer eye on your business's cashflow by checking your account information quickly

Try it today with your Desjardins mobile services app for Apple® and AndroidTM products.

Also available on Apple Watch and Android Wear!

® Apple is a registered trademark of Apple Inc.

Android is a trademark of Google Inc.

Trademark of Interac Inc. Used under licence.

  1. There are no additional fees for using Desjardins mobile services. The same fees for AccèsD Affaires Internet cover your activity on the AccèsD mobile site, whether you have a fixed monthly plan, or pay for each transaction separately. Ask your mobile service provider if you have questions about your data plan.