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Government remittances

Make quick and secure payments—including source deductions, employer contributions, taxes and installment payments—and request government refunds online with AccèsD Affaires.


  • The electronic remittance forms are similar to the paper forms you already use.
  • You can make immediate payments or schedule them in advance.
  • Refund requests are processed more quickly when submitted online.
  • You can submit remittances to government bodies in other provinces.
  • You can fill out certain tax forms on the Revenu Québec site and then pay the balance on AccèsD Affaires.

How to pay a government remittance

  1. Log in to AccèsD Affaires.
  2. In the menu on the right, select Payments, then Government remittances – Desjardins.
  3. Select a form, then Open.
  4. Fill out the form and select Validate.
  5. Select the frequency, payment date and source account for the withdrawal, then Validate.
Remittance forms for Quebec-based businesses

Government of Quebec

  • Source Deductions and Employer Contributions (forms TPZ-1015.R.14.1, TPZ-1015.R.14.2, TPZ-1015.R.14.3, TPZ-1015.R.14.4)
  • Income Tax, Tax on Capital or Compensation Paid By a Corporation (forms COZ-1027.R, COZ-1027.S)
  • GST/HST Remittance and Payment (form FPZ-34-V)
  • QST Remittance and Payment (form VDZ-471-V) 
  • Combined GST/HST/-QST Remittance and Payment (form FPZ-500)
  • Personal Installment Remittance (for self-employed workers, form TPZ-1026.A)
  • GST/HST and QST Installments (form FPZ-558)
  • Collection of Support Payments (form PPA-101) 
  • Summary of Source Deductions and Employer Contributions (form RLZ-1.S)
  • Tax on Insurance Premiums (form VDZ-527)
  • Specific Duty on New Tires (form VDZ-541.49)

Government of Canada

  • Current Source Deductions (forms PD7A, PD7A(TM), PD7A-RB, RC-107)
  • Corporation Income Tax – Interim Payments (forms RC97, RC-98, RC-99, RC-100, RC-160)
  • Corporation Income Tax – Amount Owing (form RC-159)
  • Installment Payments Made by Individuals (for self-employed workers, form INNS3)
  • Source Deductions Arrears Remittance Voucher (form PD7D)
Remittance forms for businesses based outside Quebec

If your company does business in provinces other than Quebec, you can use the Can-Act service for your remittances to government bodies in these provinces.