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Bank confirmation

Get a confirmation of your balances at year-end using AccèsD Affaires or delegate the task to your accountant.


  • Automatically produced when your company's financial year ends
  • Available for 6 months after your year-end
  • Reduces the number of documents you need to handle
  • Saves you and your accountant time and increases productivity

How to get your bank confirmation

  1. Log in to AccèsD Affaires.
  2. In the menu on the right, select Statements and documents, then Bank confirmation.
  3. Select a caisse name.
  4. You can then print or save the bank confirmation.

Delegate the production of bank confirmations

Every year when auditing your company's financial statements, your accountant needs a bank confirmation to verify your balances. AccèsD Affaires lets you delegate the task of producing bank confirmations to your accountant.

How to delegate tasks with AccèsD Affaires
  1. Log in to AccèsD Affaires.
  2. Select Profile and preferences, then Users.
  3. Select Add user.
  4. Fill out the information and select the tasks you want to delegate, then select Validate.
  5. A new user code is created for your accountant.