AccèsD Affaires users have greatly improved their management style. Here's proof!

Bank reconciliation

"I've been using AccèsD Affaires for at least two years. I like the ease with which I can keep an eye on my business affairs. Before, I had to stop by the caisse every day to have my statements printed. Month-ends were horrible because I had to obtain the whole month's transactions. One day my account manager recommended I try AccèsD Affaires. It's the best thing that's happened to me these last few years."

"If AccèsD Affaires didn't exist, we'd have to invent it. It's one of my best finds for our needs."

Denis Couture, Associate, Aqua futur plongée inc.

Bill payments and transfers

"I use bill payments and transfers. Before, when I had to write a cheque, I had to go make a deposit, write out the cheque – it was endless. Even though the caisse is only three blocks away and I like to go in, I prefer the solution AccèsD Affaires offers me. For us, it's an exceptional tool."

"AccèsD Affaires gives me instant access to my account. If I forget to pay a bill, I go pay it right away and receive a transaction confirmation. For this alone, it's wonderful."

Denis Couture, Associate, Aqua futur plongée inc.

Bill payments

"Before, all my payments were programmed at the ATM and I paid my bills by cheque. Now I make all my payments directly from home. It's so convenient! I don't have to go out and I save time. And I don't forget any payments anymore; I program them and don't think about them afterwards. I love it and recommend it!"

Lucie Béland, Owner, Au brin de laine plus

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